30 Premium Voices including DX7, Cp80, 10 Styles, 3 Multi-Pad banks, and 2 Registration banks complete the pack.
Tyros4 is an open-ended instrument that lets you continually expand the available content for your creative explorations.
This premium service is an extra £299 and covers a distance of 150 miles from our store in Banbury Oxfordshire.

Whether sketching composition ideas, carefully crafting the perfect arrangement or delivering a memorable performance, the Tyros5 is your perfect companion.
A few of these fabulous Yamaha Tyros 4 keyboards are left in stock- a great instrument to upgrade to at a fraction of it's new price. The best sound engine combined with the best rhythms and accompaniments, all in an instrument whose huge power never gets in the way of playability.

With outstanding voice quality and realism, enhanced DSP effects and true-to-life accompaniment backings, Tyros5 sounds so real it's like being backed by the world’s finest musicians.

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