NOT  THE  AVERAGE JOE  TRYING  TO SELL  GRANDMA’S  PIANO WITHOUT  ANY KNOWLEDGE  OF THE  ITEM. Our long distance piano movers also proudly provide piano moving quotes to our service areas on the East Coast. Yamaha expands their Portable Grand series with the DGX-650, an 88-key digital piano with learning and accompaniment features.
Yamaha designed the DGX-650 Digital piano to provide classic piano touch with modern features that make playing and learning enjoyable.

Central to the DGX-650 is its piano-like keys, they are designed to behave, look and feel like the keys of acoustic pianos. The piano sound it produces is just as critical as the keyboard action, so Yamaha meticulously sampled their CFIIIS full concert grand piano under controlled conditions.
Aside from its authentic sounding piano samples, this keyboard also comes with other useful sounds like guitars, strings and bass.
For further tweaking your sound, this digital piano comes with a dedicated multi-effects section, complete with memory banks and compatibility with USB, pedals and the like.

Since Yamaha is known for their top notch student level instruments, it's not surprising to find a wealth of learning features incorporated into the unit. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

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