2005 Yamaha GB1, 5’ grand piano, serial #J2213269, one owner.  Excellent condition inside and out. Built in 1998 in Thomaston, Georgia, this is a Yamaha P22 professional studio piano with the Disklavier player system built-in.
Model CLW14 Clavinova built into decorator style console cabinet.  Has MIDI for connectability to other musical devices, plus stereo input, output and headphone jacks. Including Steinways, Yamahas, Baldwins, Kawai's, Chickering, Yamaha Disklavier, and a 9' Baldwin at a "give-away" price!

The Organ is in a "C" style cabinet with a closing lid and also has built in reverb as well as in cabinet speaker system. This would be a Great starter Piano with a price of only $1395.00 This will go very quick so hurry in!!
Most importantly they’ve taken their passion and turned it into a business they’re proud of which is an asset to the music scene in their community.
A new one would sell for around $24000, This one can be purchased for $8750, This is a rare find and will sell fast!!

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