At a coffee shop, when Andreas proclaimed his 13″ laptop with crappy processors were useless to him for video editing. Once Andreas saw my laptop setup, he wanted one for himself. And other folks who see our stands have shown interest in getting their own. Update: It looks like you can find a cheapo knockoff for $15, with varying reviews of success.
For Andreas we chose the wired version so the keyboard wouldn’t shut off while he was editing and because it had extra USB ports.
Andreas: After reading a million reviews on Amazon, Andreas found the TeckNet Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, Grey (BM306). Alison: I had a Logitech travel mouse that I loved for its sensitivity and small size but it stopped working. With all of the video and photo work that Andreas does, we need a lot of storage and end up buying 2 small portable external hard drives each year. Since we spend so much time in front of the computer, we aim to take care of our bodies a little more by increasing the ergonomics in a couple of ways, like using a laptop stand to reduce neck strain and improve posture. Although we like some Apple accessories, like the keyboard, part of that reason is because the price isn’t that much different from other keyboards.
Over the years, I’ve chided Apple for never providing a legend or explanation for the symbols they list next to a menu command which indicate the keyboard shortcut for that command. If you have one of the new Apple keyboards, you may have noticed that you're activating caps lock much less than you used to (that, or you're good enough that you just don't hit it).
When you're turning off caps lock, the reaction is immediate, so you don't really have to worry about that.

If we’re in an area with wireless internet, like the campgrounds of El Potrero Chico, MX or Red River Gorge, KY, we work at the table in the trailer. The programs we use extensively, including Adobe CC and slick coding programs, just seem to work better, or are solely available, on the iOS platform.
And, after a recent tea spillage we found out that you can buy the equivalent model for $500 on Ebay. Knowing I’d be working at tables with different heights, I wanted one that was adjustable. Bonus: It actually packs down super small and the legs come off with an easy-to-use screw which is a handy feature for those with less room. They fit Andreas normal hand fine, but I find them slightly too tall for my small lady-hand. And, although we’ve recommend Apple products above, neither of us have ever been fans of the Apple mouse, nor the $79 price tag. Both have great reviews (currently on Amazon the WD is getting slightly better reviews) and we use and buy them interchangeably.
Knowing that we’ll be using a product that performs flawlessly makes up for the $20 extra dollars or need to read 10 million reviews. Let us know in the comments (or shoot us an email) if there are any topics you’d like us to cover in the future (internet, specific programs we use, etc, etc). Well, at long last, Apple has a written technical note that explains the most commonly used hierglypic symbols and tells you the keyboard shortcut for a command. I honestly don't use it that much, as it only comes up in product names, and those can generally be typed easily with use of the shift button.

I don't have one of the fancy new keyboards (or a Mac for that matter) so I can't test this myself, but I doubt that you'll find this to be a nuisance when you actually do want to type in caps. That said, if you have an Android phone or Windows machine and it works for your business needs, more power to you. The only reason we went all out is because Andreas edits videos and photos all day, which requires the fastest laptop possible (unless you’re ok with waiting hours for your computer to render). If you’re not on the road full-time, having a larger external monitor would be the ticket. Partly because we bought most these items from Amazon and partly because we get a commission if you click those links and buy the same products we enjoy using.
It's barely noticeable, but you need to hold down the key roughly a quarter of a second longer for it to activate.
Currently I don’t feel the need to upgrade to a newer model nor do I like the idea of losing my beloved matte screen.
If you can’t get over the price, but want a Mac, try a refurbished model, there are a lot of reputable sellers on Ebay.
The one I liked most was made by Allsop, a local Washington company, and that sealed the deal.

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