If you want to say something we have comments area but in your comment please specify product of your discussion or your comment will be automaticaly ignored ! I'd like to get a wireless keyboard to work with it but they have a much larger USB transceiver. It looks like no, the MS peripherals don't work that way, but something else you can look into is bluetooth-- you can find micro bluetooth receivers (if there's not already one built into your laptop), and it should work with any bluetooth mouse or keyboard-- or both at the same time. It's not a Nano, but it looks like the Microsoft Wireless Desktops uses one dongle for both keyboard and mouse.
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You might want to look in to upgrading to Logitech Unifying devices, which use a universal micro receiver. WINDOWS XP KEYBOARD AND MOUSE NOT WORKING AT LOGINRelated article mouse has replies solved cant.
Logitech tends to be on the pricey end, but I'm not aware of anything at a lower price point with proper universal receiver functionality.

You could just look in to buying a Microsoft keyboard and mouse as a set, since they'd come together with one receiver for both.

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