Dynamic and stimulating, Typing Pal Online offers a personalized approach to learning keyboard skills.
Renowned for being simple and user-friendly, Typing Pal 6 enables both beginners and experts to become more proficient at communicating on their computer by teaching them sound keyboard skills. For fans of the famous striped cat, Garfield’s Typing Pal is a fun way of learning or perfecting keyboard skills within the wonderful world created by Jim Davis. This websites has a LOAD of free downloadable student activities and Teacher Resources, including a video which covers all aspects of online safety and cyber bullying for Upper Primary and Lower Secondary students. An invaluable resource listing picture books and novels by year level for all areas of the Australian History Curriculum, including a brief summary of each text. An interactive and fun way to revise the concepts of Simple Machines, displaying simple machines throughout the household.

Using an educational Youtube as the base, questions can be added and other customisations made. TED ED also refines the youtube search to those designed for educational purposes so it saves a lot of time looking for purposeful video, so even if educators choose not to create a video, the site can be used as a quick educational Youtube search tool.
With nothing more than a web browser and a subscription, you can make rapid progress by benefitting from the most up-to-date games and exercises.
This site also contains links to short videos of experiments as well as to Scope - an episodic Science show which engages and inspires kids. Create your own educational video and incorporate formative or summative assessment at the same time using TEDed. Video Game design incorporates many elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, including creativity and problem solving.

This site includes modules which teaches the students the elements of video game design in a fun way and does not require the teacher to have prior knowledge of Video Game Design.
The alphabet (both in upper and lower case) and numbers are shown on one side with 4 blank lines for practice, and the other side contains the alphabet and numbers in a dotted-for-tracing format.
Quizzes can be designed and students can work in teams using timed or untimed responses.Teachers need to sign up but students just enter a quiz code.

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