If you or one of your colleagues need to learn how to type properly but are short on time, our 2 day intensive touch typing courses are just what you need! Available at our London (Holborn) training centre, or in-house for groups of 6 or more, this intensive programme will have you typing faster and more accurately, really enhancing your productivity. It’s a fast way to learn how to type properly, and will give you everything you need to develop into a touch typist. Pitman Training has been helping two fingered typists to improve their technique for years, so you can be confident of making big strides in your ability. Just call our Course Advisors on 020 7025 4700 or email us and we’ll take care of everything. Through a simple mechanism you’ll learn how to place your fingers in the right place to improve your typing. Our friendly, experienced keboard tutor will make the time fly by as you learn about the home keys, the importance of posture, how to stop looking at your fingers and the keyboard, and lots more. Popular with everyone from Office Juniors to Company Directors, you’ll be delighted at the improvements in your technique and productivity following this enjoyable training programme. To find out more or make your booking, just call us on 020 7025 4700 and we’ll be happy to help.

They’ll be able to tell you all about our courses and our fantastic payment plan options, as well as getting you started on a FREE course demo. The YES, I can touch-type course is the simplest and speediest way for anybody to learn the invaluable skill of touch-typing.
Yes, Tuition and Training specialises in teaching touch-typing to children and young people from 7 to 18 years. Full courses take ten hours and parents and students can ‘pick and mix’ dates and times to suit their convenience. The genuine comments of parents, children and professionals within education reproduced throughout these pages bear testimony to the proven success of our unique, ten-hour ‘Yes, I can touch-type’ course. We have seen our children learn the lifelong skill of touch-typing through Norman’s excellent program and his particular focus on the weekly progress of each child. To find out more about the course or to make a booking please contact us either by email or telephone. Our tutors will also help you with your posture so you are sitting correctly at the keyboard.
Some of our dyslexic pupils have benefited enormously from acquiring this skill and have grown visibly in confidence and self-esteem.

I had previously been impressed by parents’ comments about children who had completed the course in Greenwich and can now personally understand their enthusiasm. Since the start of the school based course we have worked with children covering a full range of abilities and have delighted in experiencing their sense of achievement, rate of success and also an improvement in the level of self esteem.
The children are involved immediately and feel successful after even only one hour long session.
The self assessment and monitoring aspects ensure a steady rate of progress and the element of self – competition is something the children love! The look of sheer delight on the face of one Year 5 boy will remain with me for long to come when he realised he could actually Touch Type!  The acquisition of this life skill has been a key to unlocking his potential across the curriculum. The calm and caring manner of Norman and his support teachers promotes confidence and enthusiasm in the class.

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