Blues supremo Philip Sayce puts his THR10 through its paces with a series of vintage pedals. The Yamaha Reface DX, FM synthesis keyboard: our own prototype demonstrated for the first time on video. Other innovations included the Music Finder database and the ability to load styles directly from a floppy disk. According to the manual, "These styles provide even greater realism and authentic backing by mixing in original chord types and changes, as well as special riffs with chord changes, with the Main sections.
These have been programmed to add 'spice' and a professional touch to your performances of certain songs and in certain genres. As a result, the styles may not necessarily be appropriate - or even harmonically correct - for all songs and for all chord playing." Included on the floppy disk were a number of Piano Combo! However, we also have quite a few styles that have been converted and tuned for use on the PSR-2000.
In addition, many of the conversions from other manufacturer keyboards (Other Kbds) were done initially for the PSR2000. When you are ready to try some new styles, you can entertain yourself for a very long time just trying out the over 1,000 additional styles for the PSR2000 that are provided in the various collections below.

I thoroughly checked the 2k styles and selected various styles with a similar from the above models, which have no Mega Voices. I selected many styles from PSR 9000 and 9000Pro that are not in the 2k and also slightly different from the 2k styles. I've collected all new 2100 styles (not in 2k) and CVP 210 additional styles and also the new PSR1500 styles.
In addition to that, I've added the 740 floppy styles that have four variations and also Break Fill in. I copied the Intros and Endings B to C and filled the missed section (B) from PSR8000.
I made voice changes in tracks as well as in OTS to stantard panel voices acording to the availablity of 2k voices.
Very interestingly, many styles appear as 'Session' and 'Piano Compo' as recomented in 2k1, CVP, and 1500. Finally, I arranged them into 10 categories (plus some BassCHold and Metronone styles).
In addition, PSR-8000 styles do not have one-touch settings incorporated into the styles.

These are available in the table below: 58 PSR-8000 Styles for the PSR-2000 8Beat 20 Styles Ballroom 20 Styles Swing 18 Styles Tyros Styles for the PSR2000 The Tyros conversions in the table below are listed by style category. To use the styles, you must download this file, unzip it to extract the styles, and then copy these to a floppy disk for use in your 2000.
If corrections are needed, you can always use Michael Bedesem's MIDIPLAYER program to convert the style to your 2k keyboard. This also had the benefit of fixing some "double-ending" problems encountered in the original styles. Charley's conversions are available in the zip files (with a "2k" suffix) in the table below. I have grouped them into style categories and then included several categories in one zip file. Note: actual filenames include the default tempo (not shown below) so that it is easily visible in the PSR-2000 window when selecting a style file.

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