Availing a "one-of-its-kind" feature (not available in any other software), you can extend Azhagi+ to transliterate in ANY Tamil font, ANY Tamil font encoding, by creating a small text file by yourself. Kindly spread the news of Azhagi, Azhagi+ and all softwares of their kind so that many more people of the society get benefitted. I take this opportunity to heartily thank all those who are serving this world society in one way or other. However, if your requirement is only to merely type in one or more world languages (Tamil, Hindi, etc.) and nothing more, just download and use Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus) alone. In case you opted to use both Azhagi+ and Azhagi, please be aware that there is absolutely no problem in that.
Azhagi and AzhagiPlus have not been clubbed into one single application because Azhagi was released way back in 2000 and Azhagi+ was developed afresh in 2011 as an entirely new 'portable' and 'sleek' application based on an entirely new methodology with a compact interface. As the word 'optional' clearly suggests, you need to download the following (Portable Azhagi+, Classic Azhagi and Free Fonts), only if you need them. If you are really keen to know about the portable version of Azhagi+, it's advantages and start using it thereafter, then click here to reach portable Azhagi+'s DOWNLOAD section. I would like to extend my Heartiest gratitude to you and to your Noble effort which transpired in the form of Azhagi for the World.
On this occasion of "Hindi Divas", I would like to offer a 1000 salutes to your selfless efforts, dedication & a persistent commitment for this cause. If (and ONLY IF) you are conversant with portable softwares, then kindly proceed ahead to download--> download and use Azhagi+ in portable mode too.
For those who do not know how to extract and operate a portable version, brief instructions are here.
Detailed step-by-step instructions in TAMIL (???????) are available at steps-in-tamil-portable.html. I discovered Azhagi yesterday evening after a Google search "type in tamil in MS word" and am so delighted to have come across this incredible piece of software. Wish you all the best and may god grant you more strength and vigor to pursue whatever you want to pursue. I express my deep sense of gratitude for explaining as to how Indian languages are to be scripted in phonetic manner. I am using your Azhagi+ for the last 3 years and I feel it is the best and very easiest software to type in many languages. Every moment of my writings in Thamizh, Hindi or Samskritham, I think and thank you through HIM, my Marutha Malaiyan.

Unlike other Telugu typing tutors, the lessons in the Kinige typing tutor are cleverly designed to introduce the key positions—instead of alphabets. With this keyboard layout you can type all the Telugu characters that are currently in Unicode 6.0 standard. If you are new to Telugu typing and want to learn a keyboard layout, you should learn InScript layout. Universal Subtitles is a service that enables everyone to create subtitles for almost any video on the web. Opera Software relesead the latest version of their web browser, Opera 9.6, especially to meet the needs of Indain market. Macbook Pro Keyboard Layout ExplainedMACBOOK PRO KEYBOARD LAYOUT EXPLAINEDGeneration macbook air mid x keyboard layout and later. At some point in our lives the stress may become overwhelming and the solutions we typically use to cope are not effective.
I help people just like you focus on improving their relationships and build healthy interpersonal and family interactions. Together, we can highlight your existing strengths and resources and learn to develop new ones.
Success in life, school, work, and relationships is based on solid foundations of education, training and emotional support.
Type or transliterate in Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, Sourashtra, Devanagari, Grantha, etc. Basanna who has been creating such XML files for certain Kannada fonts is more than 80 years old!!!
It is different from Azhagi+ (AzhagiPlus) and has a different set of features (some of them being unique or special). So, download and use 'Azhagi' if (and only if) you need its features (some of them being unique or special).
Otherwise, DO NOT BOTHER to download the 'portable' version of Azhagi+ (in other words, kindly IGNORE downloading the portable version of Azhagi+). Just unzip the 'AzhagiPlus-Porto' folder, then double-click the 'Azhagi-Plus.exe' icon to start Azhagi+. Just extract the 'AzhagiPlus-Porto' folder, then double-click the 'Azhagi-Plus.exe' icon to start Azhagi+. That is through the helptips.html page, where users' most frequently asked questions are answered.

Installation was a snap, the instructions to get one started were so simple that I was able to get to my task with no learning curve. Mostly I am using this for writing in Gujarati and Hindi languages apart from Tamil & Telugu. It seems that my earlier posts offering a way to type Unicode Telugu using apple and modular keyboard layouts are attracting many hits. Only if you want to use the ADVANCED features (like reverse transliteration, etc.) of 'Azhagi' also, proceed to download and use 'Azhagi' too.
Because, in terms of features and functionality, there is absolutely no difference between the portable and regular versions of Azhagi+. If you really wish to avail these features which 'Azhagi' offers, kindly install and use 'Azhagi'. However, for anything related to Azhagi+ (and Azhagi), I would always like and love you to get in touch with me through Azhagi's Facebook Group only. Now I am able to type Malayalam in Word document with Azhagi+ and also able to type Malayalam directly in Google also without using Google transliteration. I just want to note here that those two layouts are intended only for people who already knew those layouts (on Anu Script Manager or other proprietary and traditional Telugu typing systems) and do not want to learn a new layout when they want to type in Unicode. Extendable to transliterate in ANY Tamil font in ALL Windows applications - MS Word, Facebook, etc.
Further, my answers to your queries will help a few more who may have the same queries in their mind.
Bejoy Misra from Puttaparthi put it all aptly by calling Azhagi+ as the "Smallest and Smartest".
Otherwise, DO NOT BOTHER to download Azhagi (in other words, kindly IGNORE downloading Azhagi). Your words of advice in the interview were addressed to youth, they speak clearly to everyone, and I hope to keep them in my heart as I navigate my path.
Just like you use different browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, MS Edge, etc.) in the same system, just like you use Notepad and MS-Word in the same system, you can use Azhagi+ and Azhagi also. I want to wish you joy, success, long life, but most of all I pray that you'll abide in the turiya jnana state that you are seeking.

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