The key signature is the sharps, flats or lack of that tell us the key the music is written in. Eighth notes are counted "one and two and three and four and." The eighth note divides the beat in half.
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This diagram shows where the notes on the staff are located on the piano keyboard.The top staff, known as the "treble" or "G" clef represents the notes played by the right hand. It is called the "G" clef because it is shaped like an medieval style letter "G." Notice that it forms a "cross" over the "g" line. The top number is the number of beats per measure, and the bottom number tells us what each beat is worth. We will read music - the staff, the notes, the counting, plus some basic chords in the left hand.Try to play the first four measures from Ludwig Van Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" and the early American classic "Yankee Doodle," and don't forget to have fun as you learn how to read music!Here you'll also find free pdf piano lesson downloads of these songs!

They have the world's largest selection, guaranteed low prices, and great customer service. When the music has eighth notes, it helps to count all of the "ands" in the measure, even if the notes are quarters, or halves. The above example is counted "one-e-and-ah, two-e-and-ah, three-e-and-ah, four-e-and-ah." Keep the sixteenth notes steady and evenly spaced. The bottom staff, known as the "bass" clef or "F" clef represents the notes played by the left hand.
One way to remember is that the whole rest looks like a "hole" in the ground, and the half rest looks like a hat.
The Piano Guide Book Series starts at the very beginning, and takes you to the point that you will be able to read any music you want to play.
Well, unfortunately it is the one thing that beginning music readers get seem to get wrong.Not only do you have to play the right notes, but it is just as important to play the notes with the correct rhythm!It's as easy as "one - two - three - four!"When you learn to count notes, it helps tremendously if you count out loud!

Keeping steady time, play middle C once for each number as you count "one, two, three, four." Though it may seem very easy and "childish" or "silly" to count notes, don't let the simplicity of the act of counting diminish its importance! Remember, that because there is an eighth note, we need to count all of the "ands." The dotted quarter is counted "one and two," and the following eighth note would be played on the next "and" (the "and" after "two"). Middle "C" is the "C" closest to the middle of the keyboard, and is also known as "middle C" because it is the note that is the middle line between both staves.
Also, the whole hangs from the second line from the top of the staff, and the half sits on the middle line. Most beginners will say "I'll count in my head," but after a measure or two, they've stopped counting, they have lost their concentration, and the rhythm falls apart.We'll learn to count whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and sixteenth notes.

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