Alfred Music is the world’s largest educational music publisher and has a really great kit for teaching piano to beginners called Teach Your Child to Play Piano. Teach Your Child to Play Piano, book 1 (Which also includes a CD of the songs they will learn). This book has parent instruction guides as well as student-friendly pages to help them learn on their own. This book is full of fun songs that your kids will love to play (Scooby Doo, Row Your Boat, Over the Rainbow, etc.) My older son, who has a little emote music knowledge enjoyed playing from this book. As stated above, curl your fingers so that your thumbs are almost in line with your fingers on the keys. On both the left and right hands, the thumbs are #1, index fingers are #2, the middle fingers are #3, the ring fingers are #4, and the pinky fingers are #5.
Piano Playing Technique discusses how to play piano, making the most effective use of the fingers, wrists and arms to get the best sound with the least movement.
The book teaches kids all about hand position, the black and white keys, note names and values, and begins with some simple songs to play.

This way kids and parents can hear what the song should sound like while they are learning it.
They have the world's largest selection, guaranteed low prices, and great customer service. It has a guide for parents to help them keep a practice schedule and tips for teaching the new concepts to the kids with each lesson. I love using these with my kids to help them practice all the different aspects of theory they need to learn while learning piano. There is no instruction given on this game, so it is better for kids who have a little more musical knowledge.
If you are looking for something for your beginners to use at home, this is a fun way to go. What we present here is a quick overview the physical aspects of piano playing:- How to sit at the piano- How to hold your fingers- Finger numbers- The five finger position and what it implies- Fingering patterns for scales- Fingering patterns for chords- Plus a discussion on Piano Playing Technique.
Hold your wrists so that they are level with, or slightly higher than the top(back) of your hands.

Plus, buying all of these as a set saves a great deal of money over purchasing them all separately. Here is the official description for Kid Piano: Kid Piano is easy to use software that will help children who wants to learn how to play a piano. I have been using the beginning piano kit with my two kids for about 2 months now and have been really pleased with all they have learned in this time. My kids really love music and are excelling at piano from these simple at home teaching materials.

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