We recently wrote about how helpful a wireless keyboard and laptop can be if you connect your computer to your TV. I initially bought this laptop desk because it was the only one that I could find that was reasonably priced, but was also large enough for a full-sized keyboard and a standard mousepad. As you can see from the image below, the desk has folding legs that can go around your legs if you are sitting on the floor or laying down, but they can also be folded flat if you want to place it on top of another table or a TV tray. The tray is broken up into two sections, the larger of which you can raise and lower to adjust the angle of the tray. It gives you the opportunity to sit up to 30 feet from the TV without having to worry about annoying cables, and you can move freely around the room.

Technically it is still even a little small for that, but I usually just tuck about a half-inch of the mousepad under the keyboard. I actually use it on top of a TV tray a lot, because regular TV trays aren’t wide enough for the mouse and keyboard. The larger section also has a black rubber stopping strip that will prevent your keyboard or laptop computer from sliding forward. It gives me some versatility for my computing needs around the house, especially now that I have a desktop computer connected to my TV that requires a wireless keyboard and mouse.
But if you don’t have a convenient desk or coffee table nearby it can be a little awkward to use a full size mouse and keyboard.

And, speaking of laptops, this is also a good solution if you need an option on which you can place a laptop computer and a mouse, since a lot of people still prefer a traditional mouse over their laptop’s trackpad.

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