His philosophy was that every child is a product of his or her own environment, and that with the proper nurturing, every child has the potential to learn many things.
Music to me is something that can stir the emotions from the heart and can affect one's life forever.
Let a professional musician teach you how to play the piano.Contact me for piano lessons today. The method has been developed for violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, flute, harp, guitar, recorder voice, and Early Childhood.
Create a musical environment in the home by daily exposing the child to recordings of great music,especially the music the child is studying. Born in 1898, Shinichi Suzuki began his study of the violin at age 17, and he later went on to become one of the most influential teachers of the twentieth century.
Through music, it seeks to increase a child's sensitivity to beauty and tone, to foster increased mental develoment, and to create a sense of personal success and self-confidence, enabling the child to more freely express his or her love and respect for all.
It is my ultimate goal as a piano teacher to develop the inner artist in my students and instill a life-long, enriching relationship and love of music through playing the piano.
Young children are exposed to an environment of music at home by listening to recordings of the repertoire to be learned, as well as other fine music.
Stress the production of beautiful tone and sensitive playing form the earliest stages onward.

Utilize step-by-step mastery in small segments to assure each child’s built-in success. Participate in group lessons and performances – they serve as positive reinforcements of skills learned in the private lesson. My aim as a teacher is to approach piano lessons with my students in a fun, stimulating, and creative way. Respect is earned but I have done everything in my power to ensure that I do not become the evil step mom.
He observed that young children all over the world speak their mother tongue naturally and easily, just by hearing the sounds and rhythms of the language in their environment. Children are motivated to learn when they live in an environment where music is present and they see other students their age performing and having lessons.
Suzuki teachers are trained to establish a studio environment where children can learn at their own pace. All children are respected as unique human beings, and they are capable of developing their musical abilities as well as they develop their linguistic abilities.
Suzuki’s main goals are for the child to build a noble soul, to develop an appreciation of beauty, to give a sense of purpose to life, to learn the discipline of acquiring a skill and to become a fine human being. Talent can be learned, ability can be developed, and, just as each child learns to speak his native language, he can learn a musical skill through the Mother Tongue approach.

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