Have you ever wondered how you could entertain friends as the pianist in a quartet even though you may have limited space? Have you ever dreamed about taking piano lessons, even though buying and maintaining an acoustic piano is a big investment? Have you hoped to find an instrument for the whole family, including one child who loves classical music and another who prefers rock 'n' roll?

It is the one instrument that everyone can use and enjoy, whether it's in a home, school, business, or house of worship. The HG-425e has a very popular Karaoke feature on board, with a wide variety of popular titles & artists to choose from. Your HG-425E has a VIDEO OUT port that will allow you to connect your piano to your TV so that your whole family or group can sing along with the lyrics.

Playing music should be an enjoyable experience, so don't hesitate to enjoy features such as auto-accompaniment or unusual instrument sounds in your piano and then let all the music lovers join in for the sing alongs.

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