Beautifully arranged and performed by pianist Stan Whitmire, this compilation of beloved hymns gives you over 45 minutes of joyful listening. Simply enter your details below and we will send you an e-mail when “Stan Whitmire Piano Hymns CD 1996” is back in stock!
We will not send you any other e-mails or add you to our newsletter, you will only be e-mailed about this product! Elvis Christmas TreeI had ordered this tree from another company but needless to say they did not process my order in time for christmas. In my last newsletter I asked you, our friends, to give your input on song selections for the new Christmas and hymns projects that were coming up.
In the past two months we have been engrossed in the election and all that has transpired, as I’m sure you have. I might add that we just received word this week that the Trinity Broadcasting Network is airing FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS on television three times this season.
In closing, I just want to mention something that has been on my mind for several months now. Ausnahme bilden Produkte, bei welchen im Produktebeschrieb eine andere Lieferfrist angegeben ist.
I must say, though our world is in turmoil, (more so than I ever remember) my faith has not waivered over this election.
FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS is the feature on Paul Heil's THE GOSPEL GREATS on all broadcasts nationally this weekend.

As we all know, we are in an incredible time in this country where technology is the craze and most everyone you meet is on a tight time schedule myself included.
Most people you meet seem to be in a constant hurry almost out of breath as it were trying to meet the demands on them.
The kids share quite a bit about personal happenings in the family and our new son-in-laws also join in for some of the story telling along with Phil and myself. There will come a day when every knee shall bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Last night we sang in Louisville, KY, and are currently in route to Marysville, OH, for tonight. That means every person from our president on down will have to confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord!
So, if you’re finding yourself a bit discouraged or worried about the state of the union, take heart, my friend, it’s not over yet! If we would be totally honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that not a lot of spiritual development or quality time happens while we’re in high speed! We don’t have to fear tomorrow because God is already there and He has it under control!
Constantly running full steam ahead leaves very little time for serenity and reflection, and very little time to recognize that there just might be someone in need around us.
Stan Whitmire, Tim Parton, Sharon and Janet Hayes of the Hayes Family, along with Janet Paschal, as our guest soloist, all did an incredible job.

I once heard a preacher say that you could search the scriptures over and you would never find an instance where Jesus was in a hurry.
He went on to say that Jesus’ ministry was always the person standing in front of him. For many of us, the person standing in front of us is only an obstacle to keep us from getting where we need to go. Constantly living in the fast lane fogs our lens, and keeps us from seeing the important things in life. I think they are brilliant ideas and fantastic mediums of communication, and obviously so does most everyone else in the world. The scales go up, the blood test results become alarming, our bodies become out of shape and sluggish, and the list goes on.
In the same way, there are consequences when we fail to nurture our families and our friendships because we lack moderation and simply can’t leave our phones on our dresser for even twenty minutes for fear that we’ll miss an email or tweet that could just possibly be life-changing!

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