This piano is on display in the UK Pianos showroom: 83-85 Southbury Road, Enfield, EN1 1PJ. These second hand digital pianos are on display in our Enfield, Finchley and Hackney North London piano shops. I have been given the opportunity to purchase from a friend a Clavinova CLP-240 (3 years old) for £500.
Which would you recommend as the better buy, assuming I would need to buy the YDP141 from new at £600+?

My question is if I have a max of £1,000 to spend, would I be better off going for the 2nd hand CLP370, or a brand new cheaper model such as the Yamaha YDP181.
I'm not overly worried about the number of voices, more the general feel and a good realistic sound.
Factors that determine how long a digital piano lasts are: how much it has been played, the quality of the instrument in the first place, and how well it has been looked after. Only buy a well known brand such as: Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Classenti, Kawai, Kurzweil, Broadway or Korg.

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