Weighing only 33 lbs, the stylish new FP-4 from Roland fits in small spaces yet performs like a concert grand. Roland FP-4 Digital PianoFeaturing the same authentic piano sound and stylish body as the flagship FP-7, the FP-4 is a more affordable and streamlined version.
I really like this unit as it is light weight, the weighted keys are not too heavy and the piano sound is good.
The accompaniments are decent, the built in speakers sound fine and they have inputs which is great as I just plug my second keyboard into it with no need for a mixer then I run the FP4 outs to my stereo volume peddle and from there I can sent one stereo output to the main board and my personal monitor.
Not a lot to edit but with only a numeric display, one needs to check out the manual and it can be a bit of a pain remembering the combination of button hits that lead to the desired cammand. I still find it too be a bit pricey considering the piano samples are still a bit short in the upper end but that's what's out there so far. These companies want your business and would be fools to not give you good customer service. It's the smallest, lightest, best sounding piano in it's class and with the speakers, the inputs, the additional sounds, some preset storage, some very nice sounding effects, and the overall black finish, it fit the bill for me.
I decided to go with the black because I think it looks nicer than the white but thats personal preference.
Roland FP-4 WH Digital Piano Stagepiano Roland FP4 in weiss     transportables Piano mit internen Boxen, 128-stimmig polyphon, Session Partner, preisgunstige Alternative zum FP-7, auch in schwarz erhaltlich FP-4 BK   Elegant und kompakt bietet das neue FP-4 Konzertflugel-Klange auf kleinstem Raum Ausgestattet mit dem authentischen Pianoklang und 128-stimmigen Polyphonie des Flaggschiffes FP-7 ist das FP-4 besonders kompakt und preisgunstig. Featuring authentic piano sound and stylish body, the Roland FP-4 is an affordable and streamlined digital piano.Get a years FREE insurance on this Roland product. 5 year warranty Roland are offering a years protection against theft, loss and accidental damage on products worth ?500 and more. The Roland FP-4 sounds and feels like a real piano, and offers modern features that add musical versatility and enjoyment. If you are registered with us you may log in to add additional videos related to this product.
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We have temporarily suspended processing of EUR payments, all orders will be charged in GBP. It sounds and feels like a real piano, and offers modern features that add musical versatility and enjoyment. I wish for more EQ options, more editing of the effects, more internal storage, and a longer piano sample in the higher regions but it's still a good unit as it is. It does sound good though, and better to me than any most other portable piano when size, weight, piano sound, additional sounds, sound of speakers, speakers with inputs, and a suitable weighted keybed are factored in but it is over $1300.0 and that's not cheap. I haven't needed it for a while but in the past I've found Korg, Kurzweil, and Nord to be a bit of a challenge to make voice contact with while Yamaha, Roland, and Yorkville (my monitor) to all be really good. Now double the preset storage to 48, make the piano sample ring out a little longer in the upper reaches, add a couple more variations to the accompaniments, make it so that one can play layered sounds while the accompaniments are playing, and lastly, make it easy to send those organ sounds out to my unweighted keyboard so that I can play them on the unweighted keys.
On the grand piano setting it sounds no different than a bosendorfer with rich bass and clear high. Es klingt und fuhlt sich an wie ein akustisches Klavier, wobei es zusatzliche moderne Funktionen fur noch mehr Spielspa? bietet.
The price you found cannot be a closeout, discontinued, blemished, year-end, inventory reduction, or any other type of advertised sale price. As it stands now , it only sends out the general midi sounds not the panel sounds and that really annoys me. The Yamaha P85 is very good for the money but it lacks the amount of additional sounds, has no accompaniments or inputs on the speakers and is way more basic overall. When you turn the volume up you can tell that the two speakers in the back and high quality speakers.

It is made of stong metal not flimsy plastic like some of the yamahas and I think it will last me forever.
Die neue PHA alpha II-Tastatur bietet eine sensible Ansprache und das interne Lautsprechersystem liefert einen vollen, brillanten Klang. However, in today’s market we may not always be aware of all the price fluctuations of the products we sell. There is a killer B3 sound which is sampled with what sounds like chorus #3 of a B3 and I want to play that sound alone on my synth but no, I must send a bank select and program change message which means I need a controller that can do that and despite having a great synth, it still can't send the cammand to the FP4!! Casio hasn't pleased me with their piano sound yet, atleast not in this price category, Kawai has very good piano sounds but the additional sounds fall short and their units are still heavier. The reason I gave it a nine and not a ten on sound is because when I turned the volume all the way up there is some fuzz in the sound.
My favorite feature is the session partner, this is like having your own jazz combo behind you. Stop it from automatically defaulting to the GM sounds when midi'd to the 'out' of another keyboard.
The Korg SP line doesn't do it for me sound wise but I do like the feel of their weighted keys. Kurzweil's new units are pretty decent but I still give the edge to Roland for the reasons already mentioned.
Another plus to the fp4 is that it has 128 note polyphony which allows you to put your own expression into your music. 30000 Noten Tempo Viertelnote = 10 bis 500 Auflosung 120 Ticks pro Viertelnote Registrierungen im internen Speicher: 24 x MAX.
I would say that the fp4 has every feature except the new big lcd touch screen, I don't plan on watching tv on my keyboard anytime soon.

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