By clicking "Send" you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice and agree to receive newsletters and promo offers from us. Shockwave have released no less than 19 tracks to date on labels such as Solar Tech Records, Phantasm Records, Psyology and Unlimited Music, but the big news is they’ve just signed with Expo Records and have just released their first 2-track EP on the Cape Town based label. Their straight up brand of wholesome day-time full-on psytrance evolves with each release and if Cosmic Residue is anything to go by, I am looking forward to some more powerful bangers like these, this summer. Shockwave: The label really liked our sound and felt that it was a good fit for their brand of music.
Transparent Universe reminds me of Cosma from 10 years ago, specifically the bassline and the stabs – that’s a compliment by the way. Shockwave: Thanks for the massive compliment, one could say Cosma will always be a big part of our Psytrance DNA. Shockwave: We were all blessed to play at Rezonance 2015, which was a massive event again this year. Last question; what’s the master plan to take back the Sunday dance floor from the prog guys? Shockwave: We have several releases lined up this year on various record labels, so we will have a lot of fresh music for the new outdoor season. If you look at the way the Cape town season closed out, especially at parties like Vortex and Jungala, one could say that Full on is alive and kicking in the day time already.
Dark Days Exit, widely and wildly lauded by critics throughout the hipper corners of the globe, introduced a more pensive aspect of Laband’s musicality. Following the clamour of praise and applause, Laband opted to withdraw from the adoring crowds.
I’m surprised at the relaxed voice on the other side of the phone, inviting me to his studio in Rosebank. Stepping into Laband’s home is like stepping into a living Felix Laband album cover, in 3D. Laband is tired of the hip crowds, the self-congratulatory throngs of Capetonian Hipsters, with their jaded wit – with their comforting distance from hacked-off limbs and prepubescent children torturing people for kicks.
Laband started off as a teen punk – Incurable when he was in Standard 7, later Fingerhead. Felix Laband is revisiting his live band days – Deaf Safari will be the first Laband album to feature his own vocals, own lyrics. The Morgan Page South Africa tour saw two back-to-back sold out shows at Johannesburg’s Wonderland Festival and Nicci Beach – that ultimately left Cape Town with serious #FOMO fever. Your SA excursion saw you playing alongside local favourites such as Royal K, Mark Stent and Harael Salkow. MORGAN PAGE SOUTH AFRICA: You know it’s funny because I’m still learning about all the local artists. Seeing that we’re a tech magazine, do you mind telling us what setup you played on during your South Africa sets?

MORGAN PAGE SOUTH AFRICA: It’s always going to grow as the global scene gets bigger and better.
Speaking of which, what do you think about the efforts of events like the Winter Music Conference that try and better the industry of electronic music?
This is one of the few years I only spent two days in Miami [during the WMC], because I had to come to South Africa. While we’re on the subject, what do you think can be improved in the electronic music industry? MORGAN PAGE SOUTH AFRICA: It’s interesting where we are right now with the whole issue of people buying less electronic music than other genres.
Do you think institutions like WMC or even renowned DJs such as yourself can expose the evils of drugs and become a mascot for change? MORGAN PAGE SOUTH AFRICA: The thing is we don’t talk about it enough because it’s polarising. When you started out DJing you were influenced by the likes of Chemical Brothers and Photek. MORGAN PAGE SOUTH AFRICA: I’m 32 and a lot of these new guys who are in their early 20s like Avicii and Martin Garrix who are doing amazing things. MORGAN PAGE SOUTH AFRICA: It was really cool to do this mini tour, thanks to everybody who came out. The label seems to have re-awakened quality full-on music in SA again with some pretty impressive releases to date. How much involvement does the label have in the direction they want you to take with your music? This means we have creative freedom when it comes to what we write and release, but it’s also very important to us that the label is satisfied with the product. We reconnected with Matt [Continuum] at the festival and a few days later we had him in the studio. Its moods shifted from prettily haunted to vaguely ominous – its beauty was carved in twilight spaces, its beats shuffling in shadow.
Then seemed to fall away from the earth itself… leaving, in his stead, the usual proliferation of whispers and rumours that tend to accompany such sudden and sustained disappearances. When my editor asked me to interview Laband at his new spot in Joburg, I calmly assured him that Laband was very much Cape-centric, and that his ‘new spot in Joburg’ was probably just another snippet of fictitious rumour. I flip through two boxes of records, which, along with the room-lining CD collection (hopping from book-shelves to cardboard box to cardboard boxes to crates and back) is mostly, and surprisingly, generic.
Another track snakes ingeniously around the rhythmic rants of some North African evangelist. It was listening to electro-Goth and Industrial groups (Alien Sex Fiend, Skinny Puppy) that got Laband interested in programming (their latter outfit utilized a drum machine). I did an interview with DJ Fresh, he and all these other guys have been telling me all about Black Coffee and Euphonik.

To me South Africa is one of the most exotic places – even after doing tours in Australia, India and Brazil. Especially as streaming becomes bigger – I think that’s really worth considering how much music is bought at once versus how much is consumed. People think they’ve been an overnight success, but they’ve been at it since they were 12 years old. 2 mixed by DJ Enosoul on House AfrikaNicci Beach & Lovoka present ELECTRIC CIRCUS Street Party! His experience as a rock ‘n’ roll journalist and drummer gives him an outsider’s point of view - and no doubt allows for a fresh breath of life in the world of electronic music. The label is releasing music that is ground breaking and current on the global stage and this makes the full-on sound more accessible to our local scene.
Said track freshly reveals the inherent musicality of African sermons – music is Everywhere, in prayer and damnation alike. I would say this would be on the top of the list, especially all the wild life one hour outside of Johannesburg. There are so many DJs and so many scenes around the globe it’s hard to get everybody together in one place. I would love to give away free music, but [unfortunately] you have to attach a value to it. Then it starts drawing the wrong attention and we’re never going to get rid of the association. The Laband DVD collection is more intriguing – some dark and experimental titles wink at me. These kids (in Sierra Leone) basically waltzed into the capital and hacked off everybody’s limbs.
With a more universal setup you can expand a lot – and pretty soon I want to add more controllers. There have been several incidences recently in the scope of one month – and venues are going to be shut down forever. This 3D Tour we did was an experiment to see how crazy a show can be and how you really don’t need to any drugs… or drinks. It’s unfortunate that a lot of the time the DJ booth is fairly small, so you don’t always have that luxury.

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