This instrument was previously owned by the University of Indiana, and an identical model was used by Rick Wakeman. Named the Electra Piano and Harpsichord, there were five models produced in this series, with the models having most features in common.
At this point it should be noted that the accenter and the organ mode stops were not musical voices. Introduced in the fall of 1967 it consisted of a 61-note keyboard with an individual tone generator for each note, tuned to an 8-foot pitch.

Introduced in 1972, this model had seven additional keys, extending the lower range of the keyboard.
Introduced in 1974, this model was identical to the 368 with the exception that the unit was manufactured in a hard shell plastic case. It has piano, harpsichord, and lute tones selectable by tabs, and a "warbler" setting with a rate control. It has also an input jack underneath for another instrument, such as a guitar, but it has just a dry output and is unaffected by the selected piano tones or warbler.

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