Explore the world of music with private piano lessons in the comfort and privacy of your own home in Fairfield County, CT. Piano is a cornerstone of both traditional, classical music and popular, contemporary music.
Above all else, Forbes Music is guided by an uncompromising commitment to excellence in music education.
Forbes Music Companya€™s mission is to help its students improve their quality of life and develop a deeper love, appreciation, and enjoyment of music by providing piano lessons that develop skills, build confidence, and promote happinessa€”but most importantly, our piano lessons are fun! If you are ready to start making music, selecting a piano teacher is the most important decision you will make. Whether ita€™s learning how to play, rekindling your passion for it, or take your performance to new heights, Forbes Music can match you with the right piano teacher for the best private piano lessons experience. There is a reason students really quit taking lessons after a while, and parents can prevent it. Believe it or not, scientists have confirmed that classical musicians playing for longer than 15 years score higher on long term pictorial memory and recall, specifically musicians trained in reading music. Piano lessons near you: Private piano lessons with the best teachers, servicing , Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside, Old Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Weston, and more!
Our teachers have the background, experience, and dedication to realize the musical potential of each student.
How many times have you heard an adult say, “I just wish I had taken piano lessons”? My experience includes over 20 years of performing, teaching, arranging, and leading church music. For anyone who wants to “make music,” the question of private music lessons often comes up.
While most people (and some studies, according to The New York Times) agree that private music lessons can be of great benefit to your child, the question of mandatory participation by children is, nonetheless, problematic. Rosemond pointed out that forcing a child to take music lessons might discourage the child from participating in other activities later for fear of being forced to continue if he just doesn’t like it.
1.Do you believe private lessons are a way for your child to experiment to see if she wants to learn or is musical competence a family value? 3.Is making time for practicing a priority or do you think it’s enough to fit it in when you can?
Your answers to these questions will not only help you set realistic goals, but will probably influence your child’s attitude as well. At some point, public school children typically have the option of joining the school band, orchestra, or chorus as a beginner. While some schools offer instruction in piano or keyboard, few do so unless it is “class piano” as part of a general music program – often in middle school.

It’s perfectly OK to let your child go through at least the first year or two of school-provided instruction before even considering private lessons. On the other hand, if your child shows exceptional interest or if you just want your child to have a “leg up,” private instruction can start anytime – including as a beginner. You need to be sure you are prepared to pay all of the costs associated with your child’s participating in music, including buying (or renting) an instrument, instruction books, and, if appropriate, private lessons. The cost of private lessons varies depending on your location, the experience level of the teacher you hire, and the “going rate” in your community. Once again, your local public school may be the best place you can go for advice about a great teacher for your child. Local music stores usually have studios where private teachers come in and teach and are another good resource.
Some private teachers teach in their homes or in local churches or other community facilities. One online “booking” agency, called TakeLessons, offers to connect you with a private teacher who is vetted, has had a background check, and is otherwise pre-screened. It's often the first instrument for many of us, and where our musical concepts coalesce into a focused understanding of music. Our commitment begins with our rigorously screened network of the best piano teachers in Fairfield County, CT. By focusing on each individual student's goals and interests, Forbes Music will go the extra mile to make sure your music education experience is not only positive and rewarding, but the best you'll find anywhere.
Music has beautiful effects on our minds, helping us manage anxiety, stave off depression and stay in control emotionally. Piano is a fantastic way for children and adults alike to increase their cognitive skills and coordination. I’ve been privileged to play with great musicians, including my wife, who is a fantastic violinist. This includes your child who might express interest in learning to play an instrument or sing. For one thing, this gives your child plenty of time to decide if he enjoys music and wants to continue. While there are no hard and fast rules, as an example, The Harmony House in Kennesaw, GA lists costs of just under $100 per month for once-weekly 30 minute lessons for most instruments. If your public school doesn’t offer private lessons, ask the school music teacher for recommendations of teachers in local music stores or other private studios. It’s important for you to feel comfortable about the location, especially when the teaching is being done in a private home.
According to the website, the agency even offers a “Money Back” guarantee if you are not satisfied after the first lesson.

No matter how talented your child is or how much she enjoys playing or singing, there will be obstacles. Private piano lessons for kids are a great way to start the musical journey and it's never too late to get started with private lessons as an adult. We provide private, in-home piano lessons on your schedule that will inspire passion, creativity, and a deeper enjoyment of music in students of all ages and skill levels. From the right teacher to the right lesson content, to performance opportunities and ultimate accessibility, Forbes Music is your safest bet. Those involved in playing and learning music score higher on self-esteem and self-confidence tests than those not involved in learning music. Additionally, students develop a love and appreciation for music and art of all kinds through piano.
I use a variety of books, and I let my students choose music of their own preference as well. Elementary schools often feature an after-school chorus, but rarely have instrumental music. Get recommendations – more than one – from parents of former students, teachers, or anyone else who knows something about this music teacher.
Find out what they are doing, what they enjoy, and just as importantly, what they do not enjoy. Our vast network of the most skilled, experienced, and passionate music teachers is unsurpassed. From technique to repertoire, keeping the passion while maintaining progress is a difficult balance that we have mastered. Music lessons make us smarter, better communicators, higher achievers, and more successful. The discipline that is gained from practicing and performing piano will promote higher retention and focus in all fields of learning. Our primary goal is to create a positive student experience by helping you fulfill all your musical ambitions and aspirations. They give us higher self-esteem and self-confidence, help us stay youthful, and be emotionally strong. Whether you’re interested in lessons for yourself or your child, invest in developing a talent that will stay with you forever. So if you begin to see any substandard performance in your childa€™s schoolwork, then ita€™s time to beef it up to lessons twice a week.

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