EASY CLASSICAL PIANO Sturdily bound, durable, colorful 89 page illustrated song book, and removable numbered stickers. YOURSELF PIANO This video will have you playing chords (three piano keys played with the left hand) and fun, familiar songs with both hands right away. For The Beginner or Those Who Play the One, Two, or Three Row Diatonic Button Accordion By Ear. If you can count from 1 to 10 and push bellows in and out, you can easily learn to play the button accordion.

The music notes have been transposed to easy to follow numbers, therefore allowing beginners to be playing songs in no time. In a few simple steps you will go from learning to play the scale to playing well known traditional songs.
This fun, easy-to-understand music activity book is the best way to start children reading music. People from ten to seventy five have used these books and have easily learned how to play the button accordion.

Many people have learned to play the accordion by ear and may only know part of a song or even miss some of the notes.

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