People want to learn how to play chords in order to be able to play any song they desire easily. This is my acoustic arrangement for flatpicking guitar of the popular song from film Titanic. This progression includes a harmonic structure of twelve measures with each measure having 4 beats.
What is Life by Erwin Schrodinger must be one of the important books of the 20th century as it was cited by Watson Crick and Rosalind Franklin as their theoretical inspiration to discover DNA. The yoga investor was on Bloomberg the other day pitching his book and commented on how the central banks have created an asset bubble in stock and bonds. One more interesting thing the upside down man said was that currencies will be the first to show some seismic shift, the canary so to speak.
The various central banks are using monetary techniques to stimulate their economies and its creating unbalanced pressures. This chord pattern sequence, written in Roman numerals, is repeated throughout a jazz piece of music.
Remember that an arpeggiated triad is a 3-note chord (such as C E G) played one note at a time.

In real markets the upper bound is infinity and the random tendency would be for prices to move upward with nothing more than random action. Another significant part is the potential for stock buybacks and other financial engineering maneuvers. Almost like the old glory days when Chair was a high roller and rented the whole Delmonicos for a party for a thousand friends. And the new clothes might be some new technological thing that you'd never think would work, like Amazon, or Google, or Apple that spins gold out of thin air.
I would view this from a somewhat broader perspective and consider the many canaries that sing in coal mines all over the world and in many markets over many time frames. Modern physics is based on statistics and the so called laws are only averages based on the law of large numbers. This not even considering the innate urge to produce, the need to consume and innovation and progress.
It seems like its been coming to the US recently, and possibly when the rates go up, the flow might go even faster to the US.
Consider that since mid-2007 the 30 year yield is down from around 5 percent to 2.65 percent currently.

Consider that since the pre-2008 economic peak the US economy has risen by 10% and the Italian economy has shrunk by 6%. New bank branches have filled the larger spaces where restaurants and small shops once were.
As an example when a gas is present at one end of a container at higher concentration it will diffuse as a result of random motion with slightly more atoms going left than right. Try playing these chords: I IV V using the 12 Bar Blues progression in the key of C, then in the key of D.
The retention rate varies with possibilities for after service returns, and likely returns on investments and investor preference.
If no dividends were paid, the returns would be at least as high, probably higher considering all the opportunities for rent payments from the foundations like those of the cattle trader and the returns from lobbying.

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