Sam Haynes is a Rondo Horror award nominated Horror music composer with a lifelong passion for horror. Just wanted to update you on a fantastic Artist (ok ok it’s not horror music) called Sam Hayles based in Scotland (UK). I’m currently writing this from Australia where i’ve been for the last few weeks on vacation! A couple of films are coming out this summer with the entire score composed by your’s truly! Ok so many of you have heard me talking about my new Horror Concept album ‘The Sound of Souls’ well we are getting closer! Everything is heading towards a Halloween release in 2015, so not long and you will be able to download, stream and purchase the full album.
They are running a Indie Go Go campaign to raise much needed funds, they have all sorts of perks available and every little helps!
We thought that we would take this opportunity to look back on the scariest and thriller horror music soundtracks of 2014 with a top ten list!!!
This month we have rounded up the top ten horror films that are set to hit our screens in 2015! Hot on the heels of the first film, the Women In Black 2 (Angel of Death) is coming out January 2nd!
This looks like a great one - A leaked video tape reveals a Vatican exorcism gone very, very awry.

Our favorite time of the year, get out the pumpkins and make sure you have enough sweets for the kids!
From the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’, this song is sung as the wicked witch was crushed by Dorothty!
Steve Jablonsky (born October 9, 1970) is an American music composer for film, television and video games working at Hans Zimmer’s studio Remote Control Productions (formerly known as Media Ventures). There, you will be presented the list of available Halloween music tracks for that category. I am quite sure that on those sites you will find some great free Halloween music matching with your taste.  Here, I mark an end to this post on 5 free websites to download Halloween music. The ONLY website dedicated to selling Horror Music for film, TV, Computer Games and much more!
Over 20 tracks spread across 3 acts, Bobby is going to be taking nursery rhymes, sea shanties, spiritual hymns and folk songs, making them scary and haunting!
This year promises to be a great year of Horror Music, with plenty of new scary films being released with killer soundtracks! Halloween is all about fun and craziness and it becomes crazier with a dose of nice Halloween Music. There, you will find hundreds of free online tracks placed in different categories like sound effects, kid music, music, ambient music, instrumental and more. The collection is more classical in nature with short Halloween music tracks in MID format.

Many of those files might prove useful as voice in your homemade Halloween props & puppets. The idea for including it in our list was to remove the extreme fear-factor out of Halloween. A Little 28 Days later style, but you can’t blame them for trying too capture that vibe! The websites below allow you to listen and download Halloween music free in just a few seconds. A hint for you is to scroll down the iframe in the left and click on album links (by default those links will not be visible to you). If you are the the one them, then DJ Monster’s Halloween Music collection of 13 non-scary songs is just for you. Now, the panel to the right with an embedded-audio-player can be utilized to play the track. All I ask is that you please subscribe and share my music on facebook or twitter or any social networking sight (if you have more than one it would TOTALLY make my day if you shared it on all of them haha) and then please just credit my name in the credits of the video. Please subscribe and check out my newest song "welcome to hell"!Friendly dude: I'm using this creepy music for my game.

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