I first heard this song by Nat King Cole a few years ago and I was so touched by his gentle and exact way of singing.
Make sure you do that in order to get the USERNAME and PASSWORD for the Jingle Bells free piano tab I provide here under. Down At the Station is one of the great train songs because it combines the passion that many small children have for trains with some useful counting practice at the same time. Use fingers to help with the counting as well as an exaggerated action of turning the engine handle, which is lots of fun. To continue the train themed activity, you can play these lovely classic train songs; Puffin Billy and Chattanooga Choo Choo and actually pretend to be the trains. If you’re looking for more train songs for kids, or classical music for train-loving kids, visit this great post on Classical Train Music from Play Trains! If you’re looking for more transport themed activities, check out our Buses & Trains lesson plan for a 30 minute, structured and lively lesson! If you enjoyed this post, come and join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Google + or subscribe to our free bi-weekly newsletter for many more musical ideas! This piano tutorial is a bit harder then the other piano tutorials and that's because it is ment for piano solo. In the second part the left hand will take the part of accompanying and the right hand will play the melody. Update : A lot of people is having difficulty in opening the Zip file of Yiruma River Flows in You piano sheet music. Click on the Piano Sheet images above to view and print Yiruma River Flows in You Piano Sheet. This entry was posted in Pop Piano and tagged flows, free, music, piano, river, sheet, yiruma, you. Free Christmas songs (four versions) Deck the Halls -- give your students this well-known, beloved Christmas carol! Download Deck the Halls for beginners in Middle C positionAs I have done with many beginner songs, I have doubled the note values so there are no tricky eighth notes for beginner piano students in two of the arrangements. I recommend saving this song until after you and your student have spent some time working with cadences - the I, IV, and V chords - found on my free sheets on the page 12 Major Scales. Download Christmas piano sheet music with eighth notesThis arrangement really is fun to play, and pretty easy (if you have an understanding of chords). Guitar tabs for Deck the Halls in C, low melody versionOne thing to be noted with the super-quick chord changes from C to G7, back and forth: this works well on the piano in Deck the Halls, but is NOT so effective on the guitar.
Do you have a funny story about this music, or does it remind you of something you'd like to share with other readers?

Ode to Joy, now with an arrangement offering a challenging and interesting set of left hand chords for students in their second year! This is one of Beethoven's most recognized and beloved melodies. Download easy piano sheet music for Ode to JoyIt is just possible your student has heard the song sung by a quartet at the end of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Free Beethoven printable piano music ALMOST easiest version Download piano music with letters Ode to Joy, the EASIEST version (not shown)With only minimal fingering, kids read this song just like "Snakes," except I warn them that there are some skips hiding in some of the measures.
This is the kind of accompaniment I might make - FOR ME, THE TEACHER!Then we switch places, and I have them try C and G open chords all the way through, striking the chord on beat 1 only. Why Don't You Put Names Over the Notes? You should put the notes names above the notes. Why should we not write the letters in? Some of the time beginners will struggle to play the notes.
Thank you! This site was great it helped me get lots of sheet music for the summer while I'm off of piano lessons :) Thank You soooo much!!!! Thank You for Age-Appropriate Sheetmusic I just wanted to say what a relief it is to find a resource that isn't smothered with baby pictures. My piano student heard me play the first part (of the Pachelbel Canon) and immediately wanted to play it (and it was realistically achievable for her).
The beauty of this song is that it provides an excellent opportunity to learn and practise all the animal names and their sounds. To print off the teacher accompaniment for Old MacDonald Had a Farm, click on the image below. Check out our Farms Lesson Plan for 35 minutes of structured musical activities with plenty of noisy animal impersonations ! Only site with authentic music notes for all instruments with full Bgms Guitar Tabs visit www.
They have collaborated on a book of Hindi songs for the piano called Gana Bajana, childhood.
As you sing the song, one train moves off down the track. Ask the children how many are left, and repeat the song in this way until all the trains have gone. In the UK it was played as the theme tune to a popular children’s BBC radio programme in the 1950?s. You'll be playing the melody in the right hand with and extre voice and the bass in the left hand in the first part. This has guitar tabs (bottom of the page), a lead sheet, two versions with left hand chords for early intermediate piano students, and the original easy version in Middle C position.
Beginners will start off playing it slowly, but the counting won't be a problem, and they will pick up speed.Below is a lively arrangement which makes use of left hand chords and chord inversions.

It DEFINITELY sounds better with both hands played up an octave; I tell my students it also sounds more "Christmas-y", like bells. For all the reasons you explain on the site itself--this is exactly what piano teachers need! I have found all the information you have posted and your comments immensely helpful, and I am grateful for your posting it. As I said, not until the melody is well in hand.I've had kids play the chord accompaniment different ways in this piece, but always starting it as a duet with them on the melody and me on the chords -- BIG chords.
Changing chords may be a little slow at first, but this student will have been playing the C, F, and G chords of the 12-Bar-Blues for at least a few weeks or months by now. I point out to them that they can change from C to G and back to C again without even looking at their hand, if they "sneak" through the g key, using it as a landmark."Close your eyes and try it," I tell them, and now it becomes a challenge. It has an easy tune and repetitive chorus and is often one of the first songs a toddler will sing along to.
It is very versatile and can be sung with pictures or toy animals, and is great when sung with a selection of glove puppets that the children can interact with. I knew that I had to get this piano sheet when I heard it for the first time on youtube. It is also rumored as the Edward’s Lullaby for Bella in Twilight movie. If your students have spent any time doing chords and inversions, this arrangement may just fall into their hands very easily. That way,we can add chords in a few weeks or months when the melody is very strong.With chords, Ode to Joy can be dressed up for a duet, or returned to later when they have gained more skill and their hands are more independent. It's good for them to feel the majesty of this piece and to learn to feel comfortable with all the sounds happening while they strive to keep the melody going rhythmically. They love a challenge!Then we go through the whole piece, with me on the melody and them on the chords, left handonly, swapping back and forth from C to G to C. The EE-I-EE-I-O is such an appealing refrain that toddlers will join in singing it often before they can manage the other words. You can repeat the list of animal sounds at the end of each verse, which becomes more and more difficult with each additional animal. When you have exhausted your repetoire of farmyard noises, don’t forget the other sounds, such as the tractors, diggers and combine harvesters!

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