For those of you who love the Twilight's soundtrack, here's and easy version of Bella's Lullaby.
It will help you to play the song exactly as I did at the beginning of this piano tutorial.
I provide here under (And I'll keep you update with all the new free piano lessons we add). We Wish You A Merry Christmas Piano Sheet Music Free Download Online, Free Piano Sheet Music Pieces notes tabs scores scale.
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Buying a Used PianoLike a car, a piano is essentially a machine, and as the instrument matures in years, things will start to wear out. This diagram of an exploded view of the grand piano illustrates how any piano, grand or upright, (to a large extent), fits together to become arguably the most powerful acoustic musical instrument that man has made.In the manufacturing process, first the soundboard is fitted into the empty case. The soundboard is a large wooden diaphragm which is forced to vibrate by the strings, therefore increasing their volume.In front of the soundboard on a grand, or above the soundboard on an upright, is the pinblock, (or wrestplank). But to buy a used piano with confidence,  thorough visual checks should be made over the whole instrument to ensure you don't end up with a worthless piano that will just keep costing you money to keep it in a playable condition. This is the engine of the piano, and acts like an extension to the pianists' fingers, ultimately making contact with the strings via the hammers, thus producing the sound.

Their proper fitting to the felt bushings is necessary for the smooth, free and quiet functioning of the action.
In a piano, tone is dependent on the quality of manufacture, and of materials used in its' construction. The adjustments involves the hardening or softening of the hammer felt and is performed so that the tone of each note is uniform throughout. Voicing is generally done by a piano technician every few years to revitalize the worn felts, and improve the tone.

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