Upright Piano made by John Strohmenger and Sons Ltd, 1930's piano in maghogany wood, well looked after but needs retuning. Kawai white 5'6" grand piano in vgc, has a rich and very even tone, purchased privately for ?6000. Or do you want it to complement a large, extravagant living room where you will be hosting musical recitals? Newcastle Pianos come in many different styles, designs and wood finishes with pianos increasingly being offered in different colours and finishes.
Whilst the most important element of a piano is the sound, it should be finished in a style that suits you and which will enhance the area where it is situated. However, if your piano is going to be played professionally or practiced upon then there are a few things you should bear in mind.
If you're practicing in a modern house where your musical melodies can easily flow through the thin wall, then maybe you should consider moving the piano to a different location or invest in a modern silent instrument. When purchasing Newcastle Pianos there is a lot to consider including the style of the piano – Grand or Upright, the colour, the size, the finish and the sound.

The most important thing to remember is that a piano is a very personnel object and will become a lifelong possession, so try as many instruments as you can and only when the right one captures your soul should you buy. Newcastle Piano features Tyneside Piano Company, who have been selling and refurbishing pianos since 1956.
Most notably, the 1960's Rock band The Animals, Sting, Bryan Ferry, Maximo Park, The Lighthouse Family and Dire Straits. Tyneside was also home to the folk band Lindisfarne whose famous hit 'Fog on the Tyne' was covered by the celebrated Newcastle footballer Paul Gascoigne in 1990, which has become the cities unofficial anthem for the past twenty years. If you're looking to buy a new piano then the Tyneside Piano Company near Newcastle is the place to do it, whether you're looking for a baby grand, modern upright or a beautifully restored twentieth century grand piano to practice on. After you have bought your new piano it's important to give it the care and attention that it deserves. If you need to move your instrument then you should hire a lifting professional, as although Pianos are big they are quite delicate instruments. Sometimes these glorious creations aren't given the love that they deserve and can fall into disrepair but with care and dedication worn pianos can be restored to their former glory and sing sweetly again.

Newcastle is a large bustling city in North East England famed for its rich culture, heritage and passionate people. Music flows through the veins of Newcastle where many magnificent musicians over the years have been produced. If you find that the piano has been sold please e-mail us including the advert number to help us keep this page updated. Whatever your budget or constraints, with a huge range of Newcastle Pianos, the Tyneside Piano Company can help find the right musical partner for you. The River Tyne is lined with newly regenerated Art Centres, Bars, Apartments and Public Spaces which bring thousands of tourists to Tyneside each year. It was bought from Templers of Rothley in Leicestershire at a guess I would say it is about 20 years old.

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