1885 Ivers and Pond 58 inch Upright Piano sn 3518, Made in USA (Boston).Mahogany, Ivory keys.
All our Imported Pianos come with minimum of two year parts labour warranty a matching piano stool and one tuning after delivery. If you would like a Yamaha, Kawai or any other Piano in a different colour other than is available at the moment contact us. We are able to offer these Japanese pianos in a selection of finishes and colours ie Black, Ivory or White in High Gloss or a Satin finish.

The Satin finish is much easier to look after than the usual high gloss finish that virtually every Yamaha and Kawai piano is polished in. As we Can re-polish these pianos ourselves you have the option of what colour and finish your piano has, this means virtually any colour from the standard Black High Gloss finish to a Pearlescent White finsih (POA). Albert Weber emerged as a new rival of Steinway in the 1870s and created this piano especially for the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.
3 keys at left end don't work.$1000   Tuned but not up to modern pitch - sounds amazing!$3500   With new strings, new tuning pins, new damper felts$9500   Total restoration, refinished exterior, new strings, new hammers.

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