Kings Piano Sales and Service, Colorado, 719 596 5817, Colorado Springs piano repair, pre owned pianos, rebuilding, refinishing, restoring, over 100 restored pianos in stock. This Jem made use of to play all the time in the party store on Old Mission Peninsula In Traverse City, Michigan., rather than directly offering items mentioned here for sale or auction, provides a huge database of information about government auctions and foreclosures. Traditionally, Chettinad wood work has been consisting of famous ornamental woodworks and Carpentry works.
Cable player piano, for $100, or trade for something of equal value, gas scooters, small engines, power devices, a clean dvd collection, a stack of timeless rock audio cd's (not burned or scrached).

According to its original sales catalog (see photos), this was sold as the A“Model MA”A?, only this piano has a more ornate front panel than the piano shown in the photo.
All of the secrets play and are beautiful ivory surface, therefore all the strings are intact.
It is made in a beautiful "Country Victorian" style, and would be perfect for a period home. Often it was possible to choose among a variety of carved inset panels, hence the difference in this model and the one pictured in the original sales catalog. I do not have much info about this piano, it utilized to play itself by methods of little airline reading the scroll and working the keys.

If u pump the pedals the scroll starts to move so I think there is intend to Bringing Her back to initial. Cable built quality pianos from about 1900-1965, and they are consistently of very good quality.

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