Please note, whilst the shop closes at 6pm during the week, the school however stays open until 9pm. Please note, tuition closing times may vary from week to week dependent on teacher schedules.
Piano lessons are amongst the most popular at our Bolton centre and we’re delighted to have, what we feel, are some of the best piano tutors in the North; read more about them here in their individual profiles! One of our newer teachers, Alex Daly brings a younger perspective to teaching piano here at Booths on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Lexi is another one of our multi instrumental tutors, specialising in saxophone and clarinet (to grade 8), but she also teaches piano (to grade 3) and music theory (to grade 5) … Read more.
Tom has been an instrumental teacher for six years and has been teaching clarinet, saxophone and piano at Booths Music since 2012. Congrats to Ben Krinks for great GCSE music results, good luck in your first week doing music tech at Bury College!
Despite only starting high school, 11 year old Joel Wolstencroft is playing drums with year 11 musicians! 19th March '16 - JACOB, who has both piano and vocal lessons here, is performing Brahms Requiem this week at Bury Parish Church. 19th March '16 - WELL DONE to ANAMYA, who has piano lessons with Matt R, for earning second place in the Bolton Girls Junior School competition for piano performance. 19th March '16 - JOHNNY ROGERS, multi insturmentalist, has achieved a merit in his grade 8 Rockschool bass exam - NICE ONE JOHNNY!!! 21st March '16 - KATIE, who has accordion and vocal lessons here at Booth's, has recently joined her school folk band. 21st March '16 - WELL DONE to Steve's student KEANE for achieving 92% in his grade 4 Rockschool drum exams.

21st March '16 - ROHAN PATEL has achieved 69% in his grade 3 Trinity piano exam - CONGRATULATIONS!
29th March 2016 - WELL DONE to NOAH, who has drum lessons with Matt H, for achieving a merit in his grade 3 Rockschool exam. 4th April 2016 - ELLA, who takes guitar lessons with Chris, has also passed her Trinity "initial" piano exam with an amazing 94%! 4th April 2016 - JOHNNY ROGERS' band "So Called Friend" have been featured in The Bolton News following their Batlle of the Bands win at Band on the Wall in Manchester.
4th April 2016 - KATIE PROCTOR, who enjoys drum lessons with Steve Elliot, recently sailed through her Trinity drum exam with an impressive 90% score. 11th April 2016 - ESHA MISHRA, who has flute lessons with Faye, has just earned a distinction in her grade one ABRSM exam.
Young pianist SAIRA KHAN has made her tutor, Alex Daly, very proud with a grade one distinction score in her theory exam.
Whether you want to study academically through the grades, brush up on your existing instrumental technique, or just have fun learning to play your favorite tunes and pieces at your own pace, our expert team of music tutors aim to fully cater for your individual needs. Many of our tutors encourage their students to take exams at various grade levels, and Rockschool provides recognised grade certificates for guitar, bass, drums, vocal and keyboard. Teaching a range of students from age 7 through to adults, Alex covers from beginner to high grade tutelage… Read more.
With a degree in composition and recording (completing the former to Masters level), Mike has vast experience in a number of musical disciplines … Read more. Her main instrument is clarinet, which is taught from beginner level up to grade 8 … Read more.
She has many long term students of all ages who regularly attend lessons on a Wednesday evening and all day Saturday here at Booths … Read more.

She offers tuition from very beginner level up to grade 8 and beyond on the flute, and an intermediate standard on piano … Read more. LEWIS McCULLOCK earned a grade four merit for his "debut" Rockschool exam, while MATT O'DOHERTY also gained a merit for his Grade 8!
While the Finnish group were taking a break from dressing up as monsters and making a racket, two of their band members visited Booth's Music to purchase a coffin-shaped mandolin case. Long standing customers, Joe and his supportive family regularly visit Booth's for all sort of musical requirements.
The famous tenor-voice singer borrowed a snare drum from Booth's Music to play during a TV appearance on BBC's The One Show.
Over the years, Dave has visited Booth's Music a number of times for items of equipment for his live show. Currently performing with rock legends Queen and vocalist Adam Lambert, Neil has been customer of Booth's Music for many decades.
The book all piano teachers have been waiting for, designed specially for the needs of the younger beginner. Use of these images or text may be copyright restricted or subject to terms and conditions.
If you are sitting an exam and live in the local area, you can choose Booths Music as your exam centre to provide convenience." Read More.
The idea is to learn two or three exercises at a time, which should be played each day before practising.

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