I’ve landed a decent system for executing 3D grand piano cakes that is easy and worth sharing so here it is.
If you are still confused after reading the directions, then you might want to try something easier like a square cake with keyboard decorations going around the sides or a piano-shaped cake minus the legs. I have made several cakes in the past without knowing this filling method and am flabbergasted at how awesome that method seems to work! Trim (I use a box cutter plus scissors for this but a serrated knife will do) all three quarter sheet cake cardboards  into the shape of the above yellow piano base template.
Using the third cardboard base template as a guide, carve the blue and red sections of the quarter sheet cake away. To build the stand, first sandwich together the two remaining template pieces and reinforce the edges with white electrical tape.
Using a flat sculpted implement, press evenly spaced notches into the length of the strip to give the impression of ivory keys.
Roll out a ?” strip of black or dark modeling chocolate that is half the width and length of the white keyboard.

The lyrics piped onto the top of the cake are from her favorite Alicia Keys song, Butterflyz. This one was served at the wedding of a professional pianist. It was a half sheet size, had a wood platform, and was a trickier 3D shape due to the arms on either side of the keyboard. A nice clean empty trunk of a car works great for transporting a cake if you can put the backseat down to ventilate because that keeps the sun out but allows AC in. This particular design involves elevating the cake on a stand that can easily be built out of a few basic items plus dowels. The yellow portion represents the intended shape of the cake whereas the blue & red portions get cut away. I like to work on top of an inverted pizza pan at this stage, applying buttercream with a small offset spatula then smoothing and shaping it with the blade of a bench scraper. At this stage, I’ve found that not attempting to recreate the actual number of keys (88) onto a piano is both easier and looks better, hence the abbreviated keyboard.
If you have a mac, hold down the control key while you click on the photo and that will also bring up the same menu.

And basically for the piano part of the cake, you just bake the cake, let it freeze, take it out of the pan, shape it, then icing it? The stand goes a long way towards making the cake look like a real piano and it is not that hard to make. The platform of heavier cakes (half sheet size or larger) should be made from wood, not cardboard. Arrange them on top of and between the white keys as per a standard piano keyboard (3, space, 2, space, 3, space, 2, space and so on).
The use of a drill is required but otherwise the steps are fairly simple and worth the effort.

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