You’ve already learned how to play 5 easy pop songs on the piano, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Did you know that some of today’s most popular music can be easily played on the piano or keyboard?
This warm and cozy song, transcripted from the guitar, is a wonderfully easy pop song to play on piano. It’s also fun to take brand new pop songs from the charts and make them just for piano alone, as an acoustic version. Note: Because this is mostly a guitar song, there are many power chords, like F5 for example, which means you play just the root and 5th of the chord. This is a great song to play on the digital keyboard; try exploring with synthesizers and different effects.
I hope these tutorials and chords help you learn to play these easy pop songs on the piano! As a piano player, you may come across an event where playing popular songs is a good idea; it could be at a birthday party, nursing home, wedding, or another public event where people can enjoy your performance!

The song became a success not only because of its beautiful, repeating R&B melodic line, but also because Alicia Keys was the writer, singer, and instrumentalist on the recording (which is not common in pop music). You should really let loose and feel the melodies, rhythm, and lyrics, especially after the first verse and each time the chorus hits thereafter.
I encourage you to make this EDM song sound more like your own — try performing a cover of it and put it on YouTube! It’s a great song to show off your piano and vocal skills, as you can add in fun embellishments and improvisation! These are great to add to your repertoire, and I suggest compiling a notebook of all your favorite piano pop songs to play. Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting. As a piano player, it’s important to be able to play many different genres, artists, keys, and moods. It has also been featured on many popular TV shows and movies as the theme song or ending credits.

I also encourage you to perform this song with a band, if possible, or re-arrange the song with drums and strings by using computer software. It does not need a full band or any other instruments, because the vocals and piano are powerful enough. I encourage you to really groove in this song and try to be “in the moment,” because it’s very powerful!
Challenge yourself and try re-harmonizing the chords, or do different inversions to make the song sound a bit more dramatic.
This song has many diverse elements, including softer verses, driven choruses, and a climatic bridge.
If you need more guidance in preparing and learning pop songs such as these, I suggest scheduling a piano lesson with a teacher near you.

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