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PIANO TUNING AND REPAIR FOR PROFITMy fully illustrated professional eight lesson piano tuning course can teach you to tune and repair pianos AND begin earning income in the shortest time possible.
I am Peter Summers, an independent piano tuner who has tuned thousands of pianos for amateur and professional performers over the past 35 years. To order by credit card, use the PayPal "Add to Cart" button and select the shipping destination from the drop down menu.
The American School of Piano Tuning has been training piano technicians since 1958, offering a complete home study course in piano tuning and repair. Step 5: Preparing wood for the keyplankThe finished dimensions of my keyplank were a little less than 600mm wide at the front, about 37cm long and and 18mm at its thickest.
Step 6: Gluing up the keyplankI planed the edges as straight and flat as I could to prevent introducing any stresses the from gluing or clamping.
Step 8: Drilling the keyplankIn order to drill them the marked up keyplank and keys have to be kept aligned together the same way that the keys would be on the keyframe. Step 12: Gluing the buttons and sharpsI made short moldings for the buttons out of cottonwood, and drilled and mortised them like the fronts of the keys.
Step 14: Weighting the keysThe keys often don't fall the right way by themselves, either for mechanical reasons or for how the action is supposed to feel when it's played.
Step 18: FinishingOnce the keyboard is fitted it only has to be regulated more precisely and voiced to make it ready to play. Piano keys are wooden levers usually cut out in order like jigsaw puzzle pieces from a wide panel or keyplank.Keyplanks are glued up to the width required out of a few boards with the grain going the long direction of the keys. You mentioned several times that your keyboard was destined to be used in a square pianoforte with an early type action. In the second lesson you advance to the tuning of two notes that are an Octave apart - all of the A's, B's, etc. This lesson teaches how to set one group of notes, which forms the basis for tuning all the remaining notes. In this final lesson on tuning you learn to tune the treble section which requires some special training. To perform smoothly the action or the moving parts of a piano must be properly adjusted and regulated. Most of the moving parts of a piano action are attached to a flange which is a combination of metal pins pivoting in felt. This important lesson deals with special major repairs such as complete restringing, sound board repairs and felt hammer replacement. The old Square Grand piano, while not too common, still exists and may be encountered at any time. For an additional $895 you can add the Peterson AutoStrobe 490-ST tuning machine to your order. Whether you are considering piano tuning full time or as a sideline for extra income, let the comprehensive and inexpensive PIANO TUNER'S SUPER HOME STUDY COURSE train you in the allied art of piano tuning and technology. The American School of Piano Tuning makes no representation that materials in the site are appropriate or available for use in other locations, and access to them from territories where their contents are illegal or prohibited.

The links on this website are designed for convenience only, and do not constitute an endorsement by The American School of Piano Tuning of that site or any product, service or other material offered on that site. It's as close as you'll come to apprenticing with a working tuner now days and it's only $389.95 complete, including a quality 26 piece Schaff Piano Company tuning, repair and regulation tool kit, and email and phone support for as long as needed.
For 10 years I was the official piano tuner for the annual Kansas City Jazz And Blues Festival which featured many big name bands and pianists. There is also no forced retirement age and the work can be light enough that a woman or man of 65 could do as well as a 30 year old.
Upon satisfactory completion, a Diploma is awarded, certifying that you completed a course of study in piano tuning and repair.
W., who gave instructions for gluing on the natural keytops, suggested attaching them at this stage. The wood they're made of has to be dry, straight grained and free of knots, as well as stable with changes in humidity and relatively strong and easy to work. They have special tuning, regulation and repair problems which are well covered in this lesson. Another piano, the old Mason Hamlin has special tuning pins which are illustrated and described in detail. Let us help you, step-by-step, on the way to a truly enjoyable, unique, AND well paying career.Unlike other piano tuning courses, we offer you a choice of two programs - all professionally designed to suit your individual needs and goals. Please note that the Internet is a rapidly changing medium, and we reserve the right to modify the terms of this agreement. Those who choose to access this site from other countries do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws. If you have any concerns regarding privacy, contact us by clicking here for more information. Piano tuners can earn $90 to $120 or more per tuning, free of time clocks and demanding bosses. Get started today training for a profitable and independent new career in piano tuning and repair and begin earning income for yourself and your family.
In just 10 comprehensive lessons you can acquire all the skills needed to tune and repair pianos of all types, restoring them to top playing condition. Tuning fees vary by area, but at seventy five to one hundred dollars per tuning, the cost of the course can be recovered in less time than it takes to complete the course.
If you have any doubts about your ability to hear within the range of 20 to 5,000 Hz, it is recommended you have a hearing test before you consider enrollment.
They're usually a light weight, soft wood with little difference between early and late wood, like soft white pine or basswood.
This is the tuning of the two or three strings which form a single note and how they are tuned with one another.
Here you learn how to deal with worn felts, broken keys, broken strings and other damage and wear. Also included are the repair and rebushing of the keys, and the replacement of ivory key tops. In addition, this lesson describes how to secure piano tuning jobs and how to conduct a successful piano tuning business. A special section is added on general piano repairs with a host of tips and short cuts that can save time and money.
The plastic-elbow of the Pratt-Read drop action is a very important and profitable repair job which is covered in detail. All of our programs include superbly written lessons, our AUDIO INTERACTIVE feature, professional grade tools, FREE and UNLIMITED email support, and self-examination questions that will reinforce your learning experience and get you started on the way to a new and exciting career. By continuing to use the site after we post any such changes, you accept the modified terms. You may not use or export the Materials (as that term is defined below) in violation of U.S.

If not fully satisfied, simply return the books and tools in good condition within fourteen days and your money will be refunded, no questions asked. It is possible to have defective hearing and still learn this trade by using electronic tuning equipment* (discussed in lesson four).
English piano engineer Samuel Wolfenden considered pine a little too soft, and like the famous German piano manufacturer Julius Blüthner considered basswood a little too unstable, depending on where it grew. A list of Piano Supply houses, where you can order parts and supplies at wholesale prices is included as well as information about the Piano Technician's Guild. Click here to go directly to our PROGRAMS page and learn more about our outstanding learn-at-home courses. Compare my course to any other on Google and you'll see that I provide similar materials as any "school," but with far less mark-up and more personal support because I am a real piano tuner, not an Internet firm. DVD video examples, multiple tuning exercises and review questions will quickly develop your tuning skills. Illustrations are numerous and where illustrations are insufficient, the actual piano part is sent to you.
My course includes two full sections on subjects crucial to building a freelance business, based on my 35 years of working experience -- tips that you won't find elsewhere -- PLUS a copy of the respected Willem Blees book "The Business Of Piano Tuning." Blees, a Registered Piano Technician, has built businesses in three cities and owned and sold a well-known rebuilding shop and store. Complicated acoustic theory is consigned to the Appendix section so you can focus on what you need to do and how to do it. The only qualifications required for this work are average intelligence, normal hearing and willingness to learn. You could choose between more than ten keyboard makers just in London around the time he was writing, as well as purchase other components from many other kinds of specialists in work for piano makers.
Pictures and illustrations of piano actions are included as well at the basic regulating tools required for action regulation .
Anyone with normal hearing and a desire to learn can master it using my easy illustrated directions with video and audio exercises and samples.
He shares his 30+ years experience with insights on marketing, managing, promoting, buying and selling a piano service business. PLUS 26 top quality tools (the wholesale price of the tools alone accounts for much of the fee) and my personal support for as long as you need.
There is no valuable time lost from other employment, and it requires no travel to distant schools. Today a new keyboard of this description won't be so readily available or affordable, and in America it's not likely you could even scavenge keys that would work from a discarded old one.My keyboard is for a square piano and is more complicated than the one for Mr. No enrollment hassle, none of the confusing, abstract acoustic theory of some tuning courses that so often discourage beginners. You should be able to lift up to 40 pounds, which is the approximate weight of the heaviest piano action.
I teach an easy, professional, time proven, aural step-by-step tuning method with the focus always on practical skills you can use to start earning income quickly. Tuning is mechanical work, and just as there are tricks to all trades, so there are tricks to piano tuning. If you don't own a piano, perhaps a friend, lodge hall or church will permit you to practice with one of their pianos. The lengths are all different and the rails are at angles, the front and back ends of the keys are offset sideways, they aren't uniformly thick and besides there being fewer of them the keys as well as the action parts they set in motion are smaller. You will learn not only how to tune a piano, but how to adjust the piano action, repair damage, restoring, replace felts and every other phase of piano work. There are fewer parts and the feeling is different from the way they work together, and there's much less weight so the touch is very light.

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