Regardless of culture, race, age and geographical locations, music connects us from all around the world. Piano Ambassadors program which is getting popular day by day is a concept of Eathan Janney, who is a world-class professional piano technician. Visit Floating Piano Blog to read more exciting posts about the experiences and adventures of Eathan Janney and other Piano ambassadors in discovering pianos and the stories connected with those.
As the Sydney International Piano Competition is fast approaching, I wanted to reflect on one of the things that makes a great pianist great – the ‘sound’. I like to think of sounds in terms of shapes and colours because it is often difficult to describe each drop in the ocean of sound possibilities. A good pianist can dazzle you with a kaleidoscope of orchestral colours and make you ‘see’ the image that they are painting for your ears. Journey of Eathan Janney in search of old pianos and stories behind the pianos are really exciting and interesting if you really love music, traditions, travel and culture. He started a journey to visit different countries and places around the world to meet and connect with piano lovers.

As Piano ambassadors, they will connect with piano owners around the world and explore the histories and stories behind their findings. I will also share some interesting posts time to time about the new outcomes of Piano Ambassadors program! The author, who taught at a piano tuning school, explains how to use basic tuning tools to correct a few notes or an entire piano. Music can send you a spiritual message or it can make you calm and quiet and concentrate only on the music you are listening.
These journeys are with full of exciting experiences which Eathan Janney could meet piano enthusiastic. Of course, they will tune the piano for free when they found a piano with the permission of the piano owner.
Repairs include fixes for sticky keys and adjustments to bottoms, capstans, hammer stems, and more.
However, Eathan Janney never stops his exploring journey of pianos and he didn’t take any step back.

That is why I selected to share a wonderful mission and experiences of a person who started Piano Ambassadors program and connect piano enthusiastic from around the world. I am sure his story of finding pianos and connecting with piano owners around the world will inspire you. In his recent visits to Lima, Peru; he was excited with pianos he found and of course the people he could meet! These tasks are always with exciting moments and if you follow the Floating Piano blog, you’ll read all these exciting stories of piano ambassador program.

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