If you are looking for a friendly, patient piano teacher in the Gravesend (Kent) area, then look no further. Learning piano with Konnie is both fun and fulfilling, and every effort is made to engage younger pupils and spark their interest in music.
Learning to play the piano can reduce stress, improve coordination and new research suggests that it makes you more intelligent, improving cognitive function. With an excellent reputation, Sally Walpole is a classically trained piano teacher based in Boughton, Chester. Sally’s Mini Maestros one-to-one music lessons are suitable for young children between the ages of two to four years. The classes are great fun for your child but will also help them build confidence, creativity and co-ordination. Sally also offers music classes for babies and toddlers that are suitable for children between the ages of 6 months to 2 years. Piano teacher Derek Moule (AMusA, BSc, MClinAud) has over 10 years of teaching experience and a deep love of music which he is enthusiastic about passing on to students. Classically trained, Derek also regularly performs and teaches all styles including jazz, blues, rock and pop as well as classical repertoire. Derek feels it is important for students to feel comfortable with their teacher and enjoy lessons and is therefore happy to give a free introductory lesson so that you can meet him and get a feel for what piano lessons will be like.
Derek believes enjoyment is critical for learning and continuously explores new ways to make learning fun. For older students, Derek feels it is important to understand why the student wishes to learn piano.

If you are interested in piano tuition, please phone Derek Moule on 0404 431 022 or contact Derek. This video gives some ideas for parents of children learning the piano to help encourage them to practise. Please double check your phone number, if it is incorrect we will be unable to contact you.
We aim to get back to you within the hour, during shop hours (please see store details), to confirm your reservation. Variety of styles, practice exercises, really improves finger strength, independence of hands, clear explanation. Piano tuition for all ages Beautiful to look at and beautiful to listen to, the piano is loved by many.  Recent research has shown that children learning to play the piano do better academically than those who do not, with higher than average artistic and musical skills in addition to language and mathematics improvements. We teach to all ability levels and ages, whatever your reason for learning we are here to help make it happen for you!
Learn to play the flute Another popular start to tapping your musical abilities, the flute can be played by all ages and is an affordable first choice.
Whether you just wish to play for pleasure or aspire to play as part of an orchestra, we’re ready to provide lessons to match your requirements.
If you require music tuition for an instrument not listed on my site please contact me as I may still be able to help. Teaching children and adults of all ages and abilities, she specialises in beginners' piano and theory of music. To help younger students learn and gain maximum enjoyment from lessons, lessons are broken up into smaller chunks with time at the piano mixed with musical games designed to consolidate the skills they are learning, and fun duets with the teacher.

Some students are ambitious, wanting to concentrate on their technique and work towards exams and competitions.
Often when students decide to play in contemporary styles, they lack the chops for the job. Parents whose children attend a weekly lesson often wait for their children to complete their lesson and this seems to be preferred by parents who have children with me. His compositions include music for piano and brass instruments and a book of piano lesson sheets for beginning piano students. Derek likes to utilise technology during lessons and has written music computer games that students can play at home online to reinforce skills learnt during lessons. Other students prefer a more relaxed approach and would like to gain pleasure from learning some of their favourite pieces for their own enjoyment.
It is important to be positive and encourage your children rather than trying to force them. In both cases the student is developing skills towards an interest that has the potential to give them a lifetime of enjoyment. Using musical games, playing with your children, using backing tracks and giving them the opportunity to perform can all help.

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