Music is loved by every one in this world.  Every person has some talent within them and it has to be explored and utilised in the right way. The School will quench the thirst of all music lovers who need correct music education and to explore their inner talent and bring out more varieties of music to the world. S. Meera Venkatesan started learning Bharatanatyam under Guru Vasanthi Jayaswal at the age of 6. Priya Sharma began learning Bharatanatyam from Guru Sujatha Krishnan in the Tanjavur style in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Prof Karl Lutchmayer is currently in Goa to bring in a new generation of students closer to a scholarship at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. Trinity Laban Conservatoire (formerly TrinityCollege of Music), London, is currently conductingpiano and violin workshops by two seniorprofessors from London, Andrew Sherwood andKarl Lutchmayer, in Candolim. She has also taken short training courses from the Bharata Kalanjali School of Dance (Dhananjayans) in Chennai.
The students includetalented young musicians from Goa, Nagaland, Delhi,Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.

At Trinity LabanConservatoire, they find it surprising that a countryof 1.3 billion people has no world class conservatoryfor the students, leaving them with no choice but togo abroad to study. Everyimportant country in the world has a conservatoryfor music and the Indian students should not have tomiss out on it.
I am travelling the length and breadthof the country to audition students, two of whom willbe selected for the post graduate level scholarshipto study at Trinity Laban,a€? explains the only Indian toenjoy the honour of being a Steinway Artist.On the India tour for the past five months, Karlhas visited Pune, Mumbai, Kohima and Bangalore totrain students as well as teachers. At his first publicperformance in Goa at Kala Academy in 2011, he wassurrounded by his family, including his grandparents,in the audience. My grandfather would get his violinand start playing and, for get-togethers, we wouldhave all my cousins and everyone come over andsing songs.
It was a proud feeling for me to see mygrandparents in the audience for my first performancein Goa,a€? he reminisces.When it comes to music, though earlier it wasgiven importance right at the school level, graduallythe trend with more importance given to mainstreamjobs.
What is the current trend that Karl has noticed?a€?I can see that parents who are bankers and doctorswant their children to be happy and active in any jobthey like. There is a good career in music particularlyin India as there is more demand than supply forwestern classical musicians compared to the rest ofthe world.

In UK, when i have a concert, there areat least 12 concerts being organised at the sametime.
When we train the students, besides beingestablished musicians, we also train them to beentrepreneurs and businessmen. They dona€™t have togo to the West when they can build a huge networkin India itself as there is no competition. There is nobusiness field in India without competition exceptwestern classical music,a€? says Karl.In 2015, Karl was awarded the Bharat Gaurav(Pride Of India) Lifetime Achievement Award for hiscontributions to Western Classical Music in India, theUK, and internationally. It goes to showthat my work and those of my colleagues has beennoticed in India,a€? says Karl, who will be performinglater in the year in New York and Los Angeles.When not playing the piano or busy with hisstudents, Karl prefers to relax by going dancing,visiting art galleries or going on a culinary journey.

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