December 24, 2015 by admin Leave a Comment Many pianists who opt for teaching get frustrated and decide to leave very soon.
It is always best to have some material in hand in order to follow proper guidelines for teaching piano. Training Method Books and Magazines: For a new piano teacher, it is best to grab some of the popular and favorite books. Online Teaching Videos: New teachers can also get directions for teaching piano with some instructional videos online. Online Training Tools: Various online training tools are available that guide you on improving piano playing skills.
Online Activity and Game Plans (Printable): This is more important when you are teaching piano for kids. In order to deliver well as a teacher and for excelling and improving your own skills at playing piano, you should regularly practice. Becoming part of it would give you enormous amount of information via email that you can use to improve your teaching methods and piano skills. The instruction book is simply to be your aid and guide; yourself must be the soul that breathes life into it. A good instruction book, however, contains sufficient material to satisfy the wants of all, even the slowest. From the very first lesson train your pupil to think, and discourage all mere mechanical routine work. Establish friendly relations between yourself and your pupils, for thereby you make your lessons pleasant and more profitable. We have known not a few pupils that have taken a dislike to music because their first teachers were not what they ought to have been. Strive to be a friend to your pupil, never become a mere taskmaster; neither command nor demand, rather lead than drive. Some deem themselves above it, others dislike the work and denounce it as too dry and uninteresting.
The best teachers should give the first lessons, and there is none so learned that he is above teaching the rudiments of an art like music. Joy Morin is a piano teacher in Perrysburg, Ohio (United States) who enjoys keeping her teaching fresh with new ideas and resources.
Joy, My class of 7 new musicians ages 5 -61 just complete their first 8 months of beginners piano lessons.
Thanks for your comment Kelsey — and let us know if you have more wisdom to add to this post! Hi Joy — Regarding tip #7, do you recommend any movement activities that pertain to piano or music theory?

My daughter is very imaginative & loves reading, so the Music for Little Mozarts series was perfect for her when she was little (3-5). Either you can get it from a library or can buy some that you find good for references at various points during teaching. These videos demonstrate step by step teaching directions for teachers to give a great start. You can make yourself familiar with such tools and can then use them to guide your students on improving piano playing skills. In order to make piano more appealing for kids and more of a fun thing, teachers must include some fun musical games.
Goals must be set for regular piano practice sessions so that you can improve your weaknesses. You should also actively participate over teachera€™s forums and follow some exclusive blogs for additional teaching tips. Tune your teaching skills and enjoy it to the extent that you continuously find ways to improve your weaknesses. A poor mechanic fails to do good work though he have at his command the best tools, while a skilled artisan succeeds even with poor tools, so the inferior teacher fails with the best book, while a good instructor manages to get along, if necessary, with a poor one. The intelligent teacher will readily see what he needs and what his more gifted pupils may leave unused. Study the operation of your pupil’s mind, and use every possible means to awaken thought. To cause a pupil to understand a truth, to remember it and to practically apply it, is teaching. Which pupil learns most, he who is eager for his lesson, or he who tries to escape from it f he who loves his teacher, or he who does not care for him?
Many teachers have lost pupils, because they were not capable of entering into the spirit of children, because they were neither cheerful nor forbearing toward those whom they instructed. The teacher may not be capable of giving such instructions, or he may be too lazy to do so, but he is by no means above it. I’m looking for piano method books for introducing the keyboard to kids 3-4 years old.
Confusion begins when you start your first lesson and do not know how and what to start teaching it and from here it goes long if you do not have a proper planning.
You can observe such videos and can experiment new ways of introducing concepts to your students. Some great resources for becoming conversant with such tools are Emusic Theory Drills, Tonic Tutor. You will find various blogging sites where similar concepts are introduced for beginners as well as experts.

Such sessions and training would prove to be great learning opportunities as you will be exploring different fresh ideas for teaching as well as learning.
When you love teaching piano, you yourself will be motivated towards finding creative activities and lessons to spice up teaching sessions.
No instruction book can be written that shall exactly suit all pupils, for the simple reason that they are not alike gifted, nor alike diligent.
Show the lesson in hand from all possible sides, and before proceeding to another, convince yourself that it is thoroughly understood. Those early experiences can be dreadful but you can make them most pleasant ones by following proper guidelines of teaching especially when you are new to the field of teaching.
Once you search you will find some excellent books giving a variety of teaching ideas making teaching and learning piano more engaging and fun. You will be able to find various games for introducing various new terminologies and concepts of piano. Try to find out what they know about piano by asking them questions likea€¦Have they played piano? It is better that the student arrive at a truth through a course of judicious questioning, than to simply state it for his benefit.
Only that which a pupil can say or write down in his own language, he understands and knows. All the new teachers have some common queries and the tips and details that we have shared in this section will surely answer all your queries. These books not only present engaging support system for new teachers but they also motivate them. Try to include different methods of teaching piano along with introduction and details of various concepts. She moved on to other series but still rereads & plays the MFLM books because she really connected with them.
The to-do list that we are sharing will surely make your teaching piano experience more valuable and fruitful for yourself as well as for your students. You can also find some good teaching tips with piano teaching magazines such as Keyboard Companion.
As a teacher you should encourage your students and give them as much knowledge as they can get hold off. All these key tips together will work towards making of a good piano teacher and a successful piano student.

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