Private piano lessons in London, offered by Saundra Schiller, a professional classical pianist and highly experienced piano teacher. If you’re looking for singing lessons in South London, we recommend browsing a music teacher directory. Alternatively if you are looking for great singing lessons, but you are willing to travel to Central London, give us a shout! So if you willing to MAKE THE EFFORT AND GET A GREAT VOICE, get in touch with us and visit our courses below. There are many out-of-this-world musicians and singers who are unbelievable performers of their craft!

An amazing world famous vocalist, such as Robbie Williams, is simply too busy and unless you’re going to pay him ?5000-?10,000 an hour, he’s probably not going to teach you how to sing! He or she should be the patient with you and make EVERY EFFORT to make learning easy for you! They should truly make an enormous effort during the lessons to convey important vocal concepts to you. A great singing teacher should also be a great motivator, a coach, a mentor, a friend and a guide!
You deserve it because you’re sick and tired of hearing negative comments about your voice!

You deserve it because you’ve worked hard all your life and you need to do something for yourself! Her approach is focused but friendly and she believes the learning process should always be a collaborative one.
Miranda has a very high pass rate for pupils who take exams, both in classical and jazz disciplines.

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