Joy Morin is a piano teacher in Perrysburg, Ohio (United States) who enjoys keeping her teaching fresh with new ideas and resources. Here is how I use the letters or piano letter notations to teach the same song (Mary Had a Little Lamb) to my students. Our reviews can help you make informed, smart decisions on what piano curriculum best fits your needs.
Released in late 2007, Learn and Master Piano has quickly emerged as one of the most comprehensive learn-at-home piano courses currently available anywhere. Learn and Master Piano is a good choice both for those who may never have played piano before as well as for those with some prior experience, but want to take their skills to the next level.
Nate is a gifted piano instructor and possesses a very friendly teaching style, is articulate, concise and is easy to understand. For several years now, Rocket Piano has been a very popular choice for learn-at-home piano students.
Rocket Piano does its best to make learning an enjoyable and fun experience since ita€™s hard for anyone to learn piano through dry and boring exercises. As the title implies, Piano for All seeks to take the piano and make it an easier instrument for people to learn. One of the biggest pluses of Piano for All is that it gets you playing popular music extremely quickly. Disclaimer Notice: In the interest of full disclosure, we acknowledge that we accept review copies of all products we review and receive commission on some, but not all products we rate on this site. We never have nor ever will accept paid reviews and strive to maintain an objective perspective at all times. Description: Learn and Master Piano is currently holding their annual Spring Sale, where you can save $100 on all of their courses!
Coupon Details: Buy 1 course and get a FREE Legacy Learning System's Course ($249 Value) at checkout! First, we acquired copies of each and every piano course reviewed on this site for our hands-on reviews.
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Simply Music: DVD - The Only Method Where Beginners Can Learn Piano Lessons And Play Music Without The Need Of Teachers.
This Australian developed piano and keyboard program uses a method that is very innovative and beginners can play the piano quite easily. A to G's curriculum aims to help students manage themselves best to become creative and responsible students of music.
For very young piano students, travelling to a studio or music school for a piano lesson can be a little bit scary. The cost of getting to the lesson, whether by car or transit, can make the total cost of the lesson a burden.

There are many advantages to piano lessons taught at your home by a trained piano teacher, no matter what the age of the student. Almost everyone learning to play the piano, whether adult or child, wants to read music and play a song as soon as possible. But the process of learning scales, key signatures and matching black and white keys to black and white notes in music books before being able to play their favourite song can dampen a student’s enthusiasm.
However, a new piano teaching system using colours allows students of all ages to learn how to play a song quickly, even by the end of their first lesson. A to G intelligently utilizes colour to make repeated melodies and motives more recognizable and really helps students put a face to the music they are looking at.
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However, both methods work well.Below are some popular websites that have a lot of piano tab sheet for different genre of music including popular music.
While there are a few excellent home study piano courses out there, there are also quite a few learn piano websites that dona€™t even come close to living up to their promises.
Here youa€™ll find unbiased, comprehensive reviews of the top online piano lessons available on the internet. Learn and Master Piano is professional-grade music education program that primarily comprises of DVDs, a workbook, audio CDs, and online content. Keep in mind that though Learn and Master Piano was not designed specifically for children with small hands, kids 13 years and older should be able to use this course as intended. A He does work as a studio musician working with a wide variety of musical artists, runs piano workshops and seminars, and leads a band called Blue Rain.
As I went through the DVDs I especially enjoyed listening to him play his own compositions and renditions of well-known songs.
Rocket Piano is multimedia piano curriculum specifically designed for beginners with little or no prior knowledge. The Rocket Piano curriculum builds up your piano skills quickly and gets you playing real music as soon as possible. It essentially is a computer-based multimedia course that integrates text lessons with visual and audible elements to create a better learning experience than whata€™s commonly available through traditional mediums such as books and manuals.
True, the tunes may not be terribly complex, but theya€™re definitely not a€?Twinkle, Twinklea€? either. Interestingly enough, we couldna€™t find all that much about his musical background and qualifications but do know a bit about his career as an artist. Lastly, we have no personal interest in any of the products we review, nor are we owned by any company whose products appear on this site. As a user of this course, let us know what you thought of it by writing a qualifying review and get yourself some cash!
This product comes with a three volume Simply Music DVD™ instruction and a portable piano playing pad.

Shows students the importance of repeated practice and the long term element of studying music. Scheduling 30 minutes to an hour for a lesson during the day can be a challenge for these two busy groups.
The colour method provides an accelerated learning experience for all piano students that encourages further studies in piano repertoire and technique.
If youa€™ve found that learning piano from more traditional learning methods such as books, and online manuals arena€™t particularly well-suited to your learning style, youa€™ll probably love the Learn and Master Piano course which takes visual learning to a new level. It does have a rather steep learning curve which has the benefit of allowing you to start playing real music as soon as possible. Ita€™s exceptionally produced and taught, and makes a fine addition to any musiciana€™s library. Searle has a bachelor of arts in music, has won an Australasian award for composition, and has experience performing in many different styles of piano.
As a student, being able to play songs you actually enjoy makes the learning process more engaging, more fun and gives a greater sense of satisfaction.
Robin Hall is actually a proficient cartoonist who has managed to publish multiple well-received books on drawing cartoons.
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We take great pride in making sure that our piano lesson reviews are accurate, current and well-researched. Having teachers will cost you a lot but with Neil Moore as your only teacher he will guide you through the whole process. Also on our site, you can see how different piano courses stack up against each other on our comparison chart, view lesson screenshots, discover exclusive special offers and more!
The course teaches you both to play by ear and to read music effectively, both of which are important skills to have. The Piano System was published by Railroad Media, a fast-growing production company that specializes in producing high-quality music educational courses. Piano for All customers will even get to see some of his original artwork as some of it makes it into the course (more on that later). The reviews say that Simply Music has set a new standard for what can be accomplished in a short period of time and they also say it is a wonderful music program with amazing results.
Some beginners have learned 30 songs in less than seven months .They say that you will be able to play songs in just an hour .

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