Have you ever had certificates to pass out to everyone in your recital except for that one little student who just started taking lessons?
We all know that students get a lot of certificates and awards nowadays.  Have you ever wondered what happens to all of it?  I visited one of my students a few years ago  and he proudly showed off a scrapbook he made with everything he had ever received from me carefully preserved. Of course,  your comments and emails are encouraging, too, and I very much appreciate them. If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources · Music, games, teaching material, and iPad ideas for piano teachers. I found a really good sale on certificate paper, the kind with a traditional border where you write or type your own wording. These are very traditional looking certificates, so you can use them with older students and even adults. If you can’t open these, be sure to save the PDF files to your desktop and print them from there. You might notice that the second set with the blue border and colored circles match the calendar and assignment pages I posted at the beginning of this school year. I made the Animal Alphabet set for students who use the piano songs I wrote to teach the notes on the staff. But since they are blank certificates, you can use them for anything: First Recital, Student of the Year, Music Achievement, etc. In case you don’t have any blank business cards,  I added short cutting lines for you to connect and then cut using regular card stock. After students earn the cards,  I put them in clear plastic ID holders and attach them to their  book bag with a small chain. The last several years, I’ve increased the way I use this card with students who can identify note names, but are slow playing them. Then the student has to identify the card the same way but this time he doesn’t play.
If you want to read more about how I use the One Minute Club in my studio, (the idea is not original to me) check out my posts here, and here, as well as posts with a different card each year. If you have trouble getting students to practice scales and arpeggios, maybe you can start a step-wise technique certificate program. With this in mind, some years ago I created a technique certificate program that has really helped in my studio. Some teachers are fortunate to participate in state or national programs that require technical proficiency.
If you would like to start this in your studio, you must first decide what technical exercises you want your students to learn. The following is a suggestion for a technical certificate program that you can modify to suit yourself.
If you would like to type directly on the certificate as a Word Document, try this link  Technique_certificate_web  instead of the PDF at the top of the page. He is extremely passionate with playing the piano and that really motivated me to learn this musical instrument under his teaching and guidance. Paul also continually inspires me to listen to great pianists and piano compositions, and he explained with enthusiasm reasons why he admires the great pianists such as Arthur Rubinstein and famous composers such as Chopin. I’m glad to have Paul as my piano teacher who indeed help make my piano journey an enjoyable one!
It was just another usual afternoon when my dad was on his delivery rounds where he bumped into his primary school classmate, and it turned out to be a serendipitous encounter for me instead. In my memory, Mr Ng was rather strict in the early years of my lessons which definitely was difficult for me, at the age of 8 years old, to appreciate.

Other than playing piano pieces, learning music theory, training up our sight-reading and aural abilities, Mr Ng also taught me improvisation on the piano, how the piano can sound like a thousand other instruments at the same time, introduced me to the world renowned pianists and watched videos of their performances (before we had the internet and youtube). Contact me for a FREE first lessonWith more than 40 years of piano experience, I am confident that you will enjoy playing the piano.
I was so touched, and it certainly makes the time and effort I put forth to make this material all worthwhile!
One has lines for writing by hand, and the other uses Adobe Reader to type in your preferred words.
If you don’t have a color printer, you can buy some cute border paper and print a professional looking certificate easily.
This year’s set also includes two certificates, including one for the Junior One Minute Club.
The borders in the cards extend past the cutting lines to aid in printer alignment problems.
For more information, use the search tab on the right, and type in One Minute Club or follow this link for last year’s post.
Most students  will practice more diligently when they have a goal. It is a well-known fact that long and short time goals motivate and inspire us. Then divide your list into levels.  This is your program, so you may have as many levels as you wish. Level four and above  can be customized for the student, with some also working on arpeggios and inversions.
It is a PDF document for you to write in the student’s name and technique level by hand. Let me know if it turns out correctly because this is the first time I’ve posted a Word document as a graphic. A good teacher achieves results, and there is no doubt about your ability to teach; I have my Grade 8 certificate and a wide repertoire of pieces to play. He has a childlike ability to exuberate and bring out the joy of learning to play each piece of music.
Thanks to teacher Paul I was able to achieve ABRSM grade 4 in within less than a year of learning with him, and I had not previously taken any exam before!
He learnt his classmate had left teaching at Yamaha music school to embark on his new profession as an independent piano teacher. But as I grew up, I realized its because Mr Ng took great pride in transferring his knowledge to his students and had hoped for the same level of enthusiasm and reciprocation from his students. While it is important to gain the required certification as a testimonial to our knowledge and skills in piano playing, Mr Ng was never for the idea of confining the curriculum to a “ABRSM-exam taking” one. Mr Ng takes effort in holding student recitals too, for all of us to gather, appreciate each other’s playing and build up our confidence by playing in front of a crowd.
Adobe Reader doesn’t allow you to use your own fonts or to resize the fonts  at the time of this post. Adobe Reader doesn’t allow you to use your own fonts and colors to fill out these forms at the time of this post. I receive hundreds of emails asking for printing help, so I wrote everything I know in the FAQ. This is the same graphic theme that I used all year, and the certificate looks just like this year’s (2012) membership card. Many times a student will work extra hard to complete a level so he can get his certificate at the recital.
But other teachers do not have the opportunity to participate in this kind of program, or want something simple and free. But most students are not, and if you make an elaborate program their eyes will glaze over. I know mine do! Students who plan to study music in college will need a stepped up program, but it does not have to part of your studio certificate program unless you want to.

One of the fonts in this Word document has been changed to  Times New Roman because that is a Word font. But you are more than a good teacher – What made you a great teacher was that you taught me to not only appreciate, but also enjoy music. I had stopped playing the piano since I passed grade 7 in the late 80’s and had not really touched the piano since, for nearly 25 years. You are able to see how students link different knowledge together and can describe with intricate detail how to piece together different knowledge. Even though you have only been teaching me for a few months, my piano skills have greatly improved. Through music, he taught me perfection is something we should strive for and the satisfaction gained from climbing greater heights each time, which influenced me beyond music to other parts of my life too. So I took my exams every alternate year (skipping a grade each time) and I would spend the year in between exams learning pieces which I enjoyed and yet continued to hone my playing skills and appreciation of music. I still getting the jitters each time I have to move up in front of everyone and start playing. I like how playing the piano create a balance in my life, taking me away from the logical and numerical world that I am usually in at work, akin to developing characteristics of both the left and right brain. Now technique is not a boring exercise to do before playing real music, but an attainable goal that each student can reach.
I was not sure if I could ever play the piano well again and asked Teacher Paul to teach me playing from grade 2 pieces. You combine theory with practical allowing students to see theory and practical as a whole rather than two separate categories. Every lesson, we would start off with theory, where you would patiently correct my mistakes. Notwithstanding the fact that I do fumble in the midst of my playing, I truly enjoy the interactive recital sessions up to today. I won’t say I am good at playing piano even after these years, since I have pretty little time to practice these days, but there was never a thought of giving it up at all. He assessed my playing during our trial session and decided to start me playing pieces that were at grade 4 standard. He typically recommends a few pieces and I will make my choice among them, and I can also suggest the pieces I love and hear his inputs about them which definitely makes our lessons more interactive and fun. And I’d like to thank Mr Ng, for these years, in teaching me to appreciate the beauty of music, and making piano playing an integral part of my life.
I do not have a black and white version available, but I am working on that for the future. Ultimately, it is the few whom you have taught to love music as a whole that matters, and I thank you for teaching me just that. You truly are a remarkable teacher who will bring great joy to your students and impart great wisdom to the students who have attended your class. After that, we would move on to sight reading, scales, aural tests and playing pieces, which were all essential to my improvement.
After changing piano teachers 2 times, I have finally found the right teacher who is patient and dedicated to what he does. Daily practice is a must, plus Teacher Paul’s attention to details and techniques, I am able to pick up this far.

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