August 29, 2011 : By TrevorI’m constantly on the lookout for technology that could benefit piano teachers and I must say, I am pumped about my latest find! An online presence is essential in today’s piano teaching world, but I get the feeling that many piano teachers still find it somewhat unattainable… who has the time to become a web programmer? And then I stumbled across Weebly… which seemed like just what piano teachers need… an easy to use website creator that costs nothing and will host your site for free. So this morning I started my “Weebly for Piano Teachers” experiment… the goal, to discover just how easy it is to get a website up and running with Weebly. If your piano teaching studio needs a website or even an updated website you seriously have to give Weebly a try. I think giving people just enough information online to pique their interest and then getting into more detail over the phone or face-to-face is the best combination. June 29, 2014 : By AndreaI could easily spend an entire day happily sifting through Pinterest… okay I could probably happily spend a week!

If you love new and exciting piano teaching ideas, then you definitely need a Pinterest account.
A huge part of piano teaching success is staying relevant; with the online world, you have every opportunity to do just that.
Also a great reminder to still save stuff onto computer but use same Pinterest board names!
When I did the Orchestration subject at University a couple years ago, our final assignment was to arrange a piece for a 15-piece ensemble.
This entry was posted in music software and tagged musescore, software on May 28, 2013 by Tim Buckland. MuseScore handled it with ease, and with a few clicks, I was able to produce the separate parts for each individual instrument. Particularly short and simple dances from the Baroque period, for which the public domain copies aren’t the easiest to read.

For example, there’s a continually raging debate in the UK about whether to put your fees on your website or to quote them when people make an enquiry.
I have used it extensively in my piano teaching, and also at University for music assignments. The site has an attractive main page (contact form included), a blog page, and an about us page. You have lots of control over page layout, text and small details, like stem direction and how notes are beamed together.

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