Piano Lessons London offer traditional and modern piano teaching methods in classical piano, jazz piano, pop, rock, blues, and more! Piano Lessons London focus on building solid fundamentals as well as allow for creative expressions of music, along with training in improvisation. Piano Lessons For Contemporary Music: Jazz, blues, pop, rock and any of your favourite songs. Piano Lessons London with a friendly yet passionate approach to teaching, piano lessons are adapted to your own personal goals and interests. Mozart is usually recognised as being lucky to have an experienced teacher and musician as his father. Mozart started to learn and study keyboard, violin and even composition along with her sister from his father at the age of four. In 1763 Leopold took the family to a trip to Paris and London and Mozart performed for French and English monarchs.
Mezzo Piano LessonsMozart – part two TRAVELLING TO ITALY When Mozart was 14 his father took him to Italy for the first time. Positions hours are flexible for the right person, offering one year contract with trial period and annual renewal option.
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Suffolk Piano Teachers Foundation 10th Annual Competition, Results, and Honors Recital Details.
Piano was invented by a maker of musical instruments, Bartolomeo Cristofori, in Italy in the beginning of 18th century. Prior to the invention of the piano, Clavichord and Harpsichord were the primary keyboard instruments date back respectively to 14th and 15th century. Bartolome Cristofori invented an instrument with more easily controlled dynamic range and speed through changing the action of the hammer, whereas the harpsichord’s sound was limited to one, unvarying volume with no dynamics, no softness or loudness. The Cristofori’s piano went through some alterations before it evolved to the modern piano.
Genevieve is a cello performance and music education double major at West Chester University. HopeA recent graduate of West Chester University, Hope completed her violin performance degree with highest academic honors in May of 2013. Her teaching philosophy focuses on three essential elements: positivity, creativity, and productivity.
KadieKadie Bond is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her Bachelor of Music in Music Education with a concentration in violin performance and a minor in Music History.
Her performance experience includes the Bucks County Symphony Orchestra, West Chester Symphony Orchestra, West Chester Chamber Orchestra, West Chester Baroque Ensemble and various string quartets. EthanEthan Stauffer is a recent graduate of West Chester University with a bachelor’s degree in Music Education. BrandonBrandon is a junior music education major at West Chester University, with a concentration in trombone and a minor in jazz studies. Brittany Baumeister is a senior at West Chester University, studying music education with an emphasis on voice. Brittany personalizes each lesson to best suit the needs and wants of her students — after all, no two are alike.
DavidDavid Logue is currently enrolled at West Chester University and is planning to have his bachelors in music composition and music education within the next few years. Jen’s favorite performing experiences thus far have been with the West Chester University Opera Theater, where she has performed in operas such as The Marriage of Figaro, Albert Herring, and The Bremen Town Musicians. As an educator, Jen hopes to help others grow as musicians while sharing her love for the arts.
RosalindRosalind has performed professionally as a singer in churches, cafes and at weddings and in venues including the Kimmel Center and Carnegie Hall during her college years with the world renowned Westminster Symphonic Choir.
GabriellaGabriella is a sophomore music education major with a concentration in keyboard at West Chester University of Pennsylvania.
In her free time, Gabriella enjoys playing Romantic and Impressionistic era piano music – especially Rachmaninoff and Chopin. AlexisAlexis is a Music Education major at West Chester University with a minor in Special Education. AngieAngie is a senior Music Education major with a focus in voice at West Chester University.
Angie’s love for music is seen while she is teaching music, as well as performing it. After graduating from WCU in 2013, John moved to Houston, Texas to pursue his Master’s degree in Piano Performance.
Music has so many possibilities in what it can do, and John wants to assist all of his students in achieving, through music, any goal they wish to reach. CaitlinCaitlin currently attends West Chester University as a sophomore music education major, focusing on voice, with a minor in jazz studies. West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - A piano in a West Fargo school cafeteria has created some mini Mozarts.The piano was painted by West Fargo art teachers as part of the F-M piano project. Structured lesson plans tailored for the individual will give you the tools you need to take your playing ability to new heights. At Melody Music Academy our highly trained Sydney piano teachers are ready to guide you with our systematic and friendly teaching methods to develop your performance skills as fast as possible while truly enjoying playing piano. Whether your intentions are to study grade exams, develop your own unique style or to “get back into playing”, Piano Lessons London make sure our students are inspired and motivated at all times to ensure speedy progress!
Leopold was one of the few people who immediately recognised Mozart’s unique gift and potential. He seemed to absorb everything about music effortlessly and even started to compose little pieces. Around this time he has already composed early keyboard sonatas and wrote his first symphonies at the age of nine. Leopold was conscious of the fact that opera houses in Italy were the most world renowned at that time.
Clavichord is one of the simplest and smallest keyboard instruments and Harpsichord varies in shape and it looks similar to a modern grand piano.
Genevieve has been playing cello for ten years and has extensive experience playing and performing string instruments in orchestras, chamber groups, and as a soloist across Pennsylvania and New York.

She was privileged to serve as concertmaster of West Chester University’s Symphony, Chamber, and Baroque Orchestras.
Coupling thoughtful insight with contagious enthusiasm, Hope teaches in a down-to-earth, relevant way that makes the student her number one focus. Kadie is currently the string teacher at Unionville High School and Patton Middle School, in the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District.
Having been an avid musician his entire life, singing, playing guitar and piano, he decided to focus his study at WCU on the voice.
On Campus he has performed with the Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, Criterions Jazz Ensemble, Trombone Ensemble, Men’s Chorus and Marching Band. She has been singing since she was a child, learning piano and studying clarinet along the way.
During the day, she taught voice lessons and helped to rehearse the music for the children’s theatre productions, while at night, she performed at their Show Place Ice Cream Parlour. Having played piano since age 7 and percussion since age 12, he has performed in many different forms of ensembles and performed in multiple different positions in each one.
She believes that every students deserves personalized instruction to help them become the best musician they can possibly be.
She was also a soloist with the Westminster Jubilee Choir, an audition only gospel, jazz and spiritual choir. In the spring of 2012, she had the opportunity to tutor students in the Reading, PA school district once a week after school. She has been involved in music programs since she was in the third grade, began to learn the piano at age 13, and began taking private voice lessons at 15. Throughout her time at WCU she has performed in 5 operas, has been featured in the university’s top choirs, and gave her Senior Recital in October of 2014.
She has great enthusiasm and can cater to each of her students’ individuals goals and needs!
After graduating from high school, John began studying at West Chester University, majoring in Piano Performance.
While in Houston, John continued to perform, but also received a teaching assistantship that allowed him to instruct group piano classes to music majors as well as non-music majors. This past Fall, she worked for Windish Music & Productions, performing with a band at Hershey Park in the Dark, singing and playing the keytar.
Caitlin believes that music can sculpt an individual, both intellectually and emotionally, when practiced at any age. With its infinite variety his music has enriched the lives of listeners and performers and has profoundly influenced the subsequent western music. His father was Leopold Mozart a conductor composer and violinist and his mother was Anna Maria.
He took every step to support his son’s talent and his ultimate purpose and duty was the musical development of his children.
When Mozart was six, his father took him and Nannerl to perform at the Elector of Bavaria at Munich and the Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna to exhibit his gifted children to the world.
Leopold had a clear vision of his genius son’s success as an opera composer in Italian opera.
Professional passionate teachers with vibrant personality that can adapt well and get along with students of all ages, beginners to professionals.
Around 1760 square pianos with horizontal strings similar to the clavichord appeared in London and by 1800 there were upright pianos with perpendicular strings. Genevieve has also completed all four levels of West Chester University’s piano courses and is studying the violin as a violin performance minor. In her free time, Hope can be found solfeging Disney songs, baking delicious food, or blogging about life as a musician (thecasualviolinist dot blogspot dot com). Kadie has worked previously as a string teacher in Philadelphia, where she conducted her students at the Kimmel Center.
There he took specific classes and lessons to learn pedagogy and teaching methods for vocal students and choirs of every age.
Outside of Campus Ensembles, Brandon has played piano for his local church for over a year. Furthermore, WCU has provided Brittany with countless opportunities to perform, and she has been a member and soloist in Mastersingers, Cantari Donne, Wind Symphony, and Concert Band.
Most importantly, however, Brittany is dedicated to helping her students find a sense of joy within music that will last a lifetime. From playing and directing musicals at a community theatre, to performing in orchestra’s, or school jazz bands, David has obtained knowledge of many different musical genres and has a firm foundation in the theory and how music works and exists in the world around us. Along with her classical training, Jen loves musical theater and has been involved with shows such as Annie, Les Miserables, The Secret Garden, Pippin, and Ragtime.
She graduated with honors from Westminster Choir College in 2011 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Music, summa cum laude.
As a young pianist, Gabriella competed several times in the Piano Guild and in the Music Teachers Association Festival, placing Superior three times. She hopes music touches her students in a way they will be able to use in the future and for the rest of their lives. Alexis also loves to sing and play the trumpet, which she has been doing since elementary school. Though she is classically trained, she loves singing all types of music including jazz, pop, and folk music. While at WCU, he was selected in 2010 and 2011 to represent Pennsylvania in the MTNA Performance Competition divisional round.
After receiving his Master of Music degree in December of 2014, John moved back to Pennsylvania, excited to continue his teaching and performing career.
Along the way, she has learned to play guitar and piano, continuing lessons into her collegiate career. She also sings as the lead vocalist of a band local to her hometown, Meditation XVII, with which she enjoys writing music and performing.
After visits […]Mozart Part OneMozart was one of the most influential and popular composers of classical period. This allowed the strings to fan out over a larger section of the soundboard to give more resonance.

Currently, Genevieve holds leadership positions in several musical organizations such as the West Chester University Symphony Orchestra, The WCU Cello Ensemble, the WCU Gracenotes, and Sigma Alpha Iota (a professional music fraternity for women). She currently attends West Chester University as a Music Education major, and takes pride in being a part of the nationally-recognized program. In the years that followed, she enjoyed performing music locally and professionally with her six musical siblings. She has been playing violin for fifteen years, and has also studied viola, piano and guitar.
Kadie has taught private string and piano students from beginners to intermediate levels, from age 5 to adult.
While completing those studies he sang with the nationally recognized WCU Concert Choir under the direction of Dr.
He has also been maintaining excellent grades by making the Dean’s list for two semesters and receiving an academic grant. He has won and then performed for state-wide composition contests, and also has performed in highly recognized ensembles such as PMEA’s State Orchestra (2011) and State Concert Band (2012). Following this, she completed her Master’s degree in Music Therapy at Drexel University, teaching music to and treating children with developmental and learning disabilities.
During this trip, she worked with kids from several after school centers in poverty stricken areas of the city.
She has held leadership positions in multiple high school ensembles as well as music groups at WCU.
In addition, John performed with the West Chester University Symphony Orchestra in his senior year. As a teacher, John wishes to share his love of music with his students, their families, and audience members alike.
Must have your own transport and be available to teach up to 1-3 days per week at the Logan & West End studio.
Despite many improvements to Cristofori’s piano since 1700, the modern instrument has remained quite similar to the earlier version of it. Genevieve is also actively involved with the American String Teacher’s Association, Pi Kappa Lambda (a music honors fraternity), and the Honors Student Association. Heidi has attended and performed in many prestigious ensembles, including the Maryland All-State Mixed Chorus, Maryland All-Shore Chorus, Frostburg University Honor Band, West Virginia Honor Band, Towson Honor Band, and the Maryland All-Shore Band. Her family was honored to share music, among other places, at the State Capitol Rotunda (Harrisburg, PA) and at the White House (Washington, DC). Brandon discovered his love for teaching through teaching lessons to peers in high school and is excited to share his love for music.
David is now studying under renowned performers and composers such as Carl Cranmer and Robert Maggio. Jen has appeared as a soloist for ensembles such as the West Chester University MasterSingers, and Vocal Jazz choir. She is currently a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and a Board Certified Music Therapist. Alexis is an active member and leader in Sigma Alpha Iota, an international music fraternity for women that upholds high standards for music, professionalism, and service to the community. Genevieve has several years of experience teaching private lessons and is focused on creating a personalized experience for each of her students that places her student’s goals as a first priority and combines several different teaching methods to match with each student’s individual learning style.
In high school she participated in musical theater that included, Into the Woods, The Secret Garden, and Jekyll and Hyde.
He absolutely loves passing on the tradition of music, and believes everyone should be able to not only enjoy listening to music, but also making it come to life yourself. She has also performed with the West Chester University Flute Ensemble, Cantari Donne women’s choir, Concert Band, District X Chorus, and Monroe County Chorus.
She has been teaching piano and voice for years and loves making connections with her students. Her senior year, Gabriella placed honorable mention in the Reading Music Foundation’s Bruce P. She is extremely passionate about teaching kids and has done so since she was 14 at her local church and homeless shelters. Jane Wyss and played guitar in the Statesmen Jazz Ensemble under the direction of legendary jazz trumpet player John Swana (Charles Mingus Big Band). He’s been playing guitar for over 10 years and studied under Grammy award winning jazz guitarist David Cullen. I will soon post a blog analysing the form of this Sonata […]Common Practice PeriodWhat is referred to as “Western Classical Music” today is the music from the Common Practice Era. His goal as an educator is to spread the passion and love of music to younger generations in order to enrich their lives culturally and academically. In the European music history Common Practice Era spans roughly for three centuries from 1600 to 1910 and includes three major style periods or genres: Baroque (1600-1750), Classical (1750-1830) and Romantic (1815-1910) periods. Above all he strives to help everybody find the joy in music, whether it be through shared experience or self exploration. Above all else, she wants to create a unique and enriching learning experience for every single student and help them reach their goals and love what they do. Common practice period is based […]Beat DivisionsIn the previous post we found out that each piece of music has a time signature written as a fraction in the beginning of the piece. It is important to note that the duration of these Note Values are not clear until they are associated with a specific tempo.
It is about studying the notation and language of music to be able to understand the structure and the pattern behind any piece […]What is a Piano?Piano is a keyboard musical instrument. The name comes from the fact that the instrument could be played softly(piano) or loudly(forte). Different pitches are produced by pressing the keys on the piano which moves the […]Brief Story of PianoPiano was invented by a maker of musical instruments, Bartolomeo Cristofori, in Italy in the beginning of 18th century.

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