I have recently become the Co-Organiser of the London South region of EPTA-UK, a professional organisation for piano teachers, performers and enthusiasts. The aims of EPTA UK are to promote excellence in piano teaching and performance, to bring teachers and performers together and to raise standards within the profession. The Piano Teachers’ Course is led by Director Lucinda Mackworth-Young and supported by a quartet of Principal Tutors: long-term course tutors Sally Cathcart and Heli Ignatius-Fleet and joining for the first time for PTC 2013-14, Roshan Magub and Graham Fitch.
This entry was posted in Associations, EPTA-UK, News, Professional Membership and tagged EPTA-UK Professional Membership, Graham Fitch, The Piano Teachers’ Course. In Home Music Teachers prides itself in its excellent quality service, the ability to match students and teachers, the promotion of fun and productive lessons, and the results nurturing a lifelong art.
A professional instructor will arrive at your home at a preappointed day and time each week.
Teachers affiliated with our program have taught thousands of students, from four years old to sixty-five. While working on a degree in Sociology with plans to become a Social Worker, I fell into teaching piano lessons as a way to pay my bills. Our support team consists of music teachers, like you, who also use Music Teacher’s Helper in their own studios.
December 23, 2013 : By TrevorThis week we’ll be giving our typing fingers (in Trevor’s case, his two pointers) a well-deserved break, but before stepping slowly away from the keyboard we simply have to hold the 2nd Annual “Gifts For Teachers” Laugh-a-thon. You see, last year around this time we wrote a blog post asking for piano teachers to comment with stories about the most bizarre or hilarious gift they had ever received from a piano student. We’re going to take every submission we receive before 5pm PST tonight, share them with our family members who are coming for dinner, and ask them to vote for their two favourite submissions.
Tomorrow (December 24, 2013) we will announce the winners on our facebook page and contact each via email.
My 6 year old student gave me his school teacher’s gift (not wrapped or anything, just ran in and handed it to me in the middle of his brother’s lesson} and refused to take it back when his mother asked!

A young female student picked something very special for me, all by herself, from an assortment of items donated to her preschool.
They took Okra from their garden, dehydrated it, and then painted it, and decorated them with Puffy paint.
I once received a small bag of lays Baked Potato Chips, along with a used orange pen (as my favorite color is orange), which didn’t really have much ink left, and a sweet note thanking me for being the best teacher in the world. EPTA – European Piano Teachers Association, UK Ltd was founded in 1978 by Carola Grindea.
The first lesson is a real lesson, not just a "meet and greet." The instructor will assess your current level and ability, and a curriculum will be developed that is customized to your individual needs and interests. Unlike some of our competitors, our goal is not to provide the cheapest lessons in town; our goal is to provide the best.
Well believe it or not, that is merely a side effect, albeit a wonderful one, of today’s announcement! In fact, we are probably more excited about this one than any project or product we’ve ever released.
Seems insignificant, but it’s all about the details! I have tried everything to get students to remember their practice songs.
The submissions left us literally spraying eggnog from our nostrils (and I know the difference between literally and figuratively… so picture that). And after you do… have a fantastic Christmas and wonderful holiday with your families and loved ones! It was hard not to smile ear to ear when I opened up her tiny parcel and found a bottle of AFTER SHAVE. But we absolutely need your help and the support of the entire piano teaching community to make this a smashing success! For a long time, I mostly focused on educational music games at the end of the lessons as being a good enough reward.

I have to admit I really resisted stickers for a long time simply because I didn’t want to bother with them. I felt like, I’m already putting so much energy into providing good songs and music games in each lesson.
At the end of the lesson, your instructor will provide you with material to practice before your next lesson. I stick one to each assigned song in their books and we both make a big deal out of how cute the little critters are. Just in time to celebrate, we’ve gathered some of our favorite piano quotes paying tribute to one of our very favorite instruments. I bought some Emoji stickers and wow… the kids acted like I had cupcakes sprinkled with video games and free iPhones.
She waited for me to try one so I pulled the paper away and broke it in half — asked her to join me. We hope you enjoy this collection of piano quotations, and please add your own treasured odes to the piano in the comments section at the end! They go crazy over Emoji stickers and they love placing them in the perfect comical location after completing each song.
Here are some gift ideas that we’d like to share with you for guitar, piano and voice. The book featured at left is perfect for either beginning piano players or singers because the notes and words are printed large and are extremely easy-to-read. Reply Next ArticleQ&A With Songwriters, Storytellers and Stage Stars Marcy & Zina Recently on the Musicnotes Blog Contrafactum: What’s That?

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