To develop practical goals to help students maintain a steady and focused approach to their musical studies. In addition to her studio, Jessica is an active researcher and presenter at professional music conferences and serves as adjunct faculty in music at Allan Hancock College. The Kilgore Area Music Teacher's Association recently announced the winners of its piano competition held in Longview April 30, including first place honorees (left to right) Sharon Brockway, Emma Taylor, Jayden Mankins, Isaac Hill, Aditya Pulipata and (not pictured) Blade Chitwood.

Third place winners at the piano competition were (left to right) Joseph Egbe, Ariana DeLisi, Sarah Reed, Grace Faulks, Brennten Meadows and Matt Smith. A native of Santa Maria, Jessica has over 15 years of experience in private studio and collegiate settings teaching performance and listening skills, theory, history, and music appreciation. For instrumentalists and vocalists, she specializes in performance coaching with the piano and voice as primary points of orientation.

For high-school and college students, she also provides private tutoring in musicology and theory studies, including research and writing techniques at undergraduate and graduate levels.

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