APS has the knowledge, expertise and technology, to achieve standards and solutions that are considered to be among the best in the food industry.
Process pipework and fabrication Mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and process engineering. This Rude Woman Beside Him On The Plane Wouldna€™t Let Him Pass Through, So He Decided To Do THIS. Alan Rickman (Graphic Designer)The Harry Potter star studied graphic design at the Royal College of Art in London. Some celebrities had satisfying, meaningful careers before becoming actors, musicians, and wrestlers. He ran a graphic design studio in Soho with friends for 3 years until deciding to pursue acting professionally. Morgan Freeman (Fighter Pilot)One of the most soothing voices in film history used to be barking "Sir, yes, sir!" Freeman enlisted in the US Air Force in 1955 and worked as a radar technician and fighter pilot.
Eventually he realized that he was idealizing the army rather than actually enjoying it and left for his first passion - acting.3.
Sheryl Crow (Music Teacher)After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in voice and piano Sheryl moved to St. Two years later, after landing a commercial which earned her more than her yearly salary, she moved to LA to purse a different kind of music career.4. David Otunga (Lawyer)Like Gerard Butler and John Grisham, WWE wrestler David Otunga got his start in law.

He worked at the Sidley Austin law firm until he was 26 when he felt himself itching for something more competitive.5. Vera Wang (Figure Skater)You'll see Vera Wang garments at red carpet premieres every week but once upon a time you could've seen the designer herself in the spotlight. She was a competitive figure skater for singles and competed in pairs at the 1968 US Figure Skating Championships. When she didn't make the Olympic team she moved to the world of fashion design, though she's kept up in the skating world by designing costumes.6.
Jeong became a doctor in 1995 and worked as a general physician in California until his acting career took off with Knocked Up in 2007.
Martha Stewart (Caterer)Though Martha Stewart has been in the food-and-lifestyle business for decades, beginning with her own catering company in 1976, her career wasn't always focused on the home. She worked on Wall Street for 6 years selling stocks until she and her husband moved to Connecticut and got turned onto the world of food and yummy goodness.8. Brendan Gleeson (English teacher)Gleeson trained as an actor at University College Dublin but upon graduating worked at Catholic Belcamp College as an English and Gaelic teacher. It took him 10 years to transition out of teaching into acting but he hasn't looked back since.9. Dennis Farina (Police Officer)Most of us remember Farina as a detective on Law & Order or as a lieutenant on Crime Story, but few know that he actually worked in the Chicago Police Department's burglary department until 1985 - 18 years!
He was asked to come in as a police consultant for director Michael Mann and the rest they say is history.10.

That's because that was his company; Buscemi was a firefighter for four years in the early 1980s.
Though he's known now as an actor, he still keeps connected by sitting on the board of Friends of Firefighters.11.
Jerry Springer (Politician)"Jerry, Jerry!" You'll hear them chanting on his show but once upon a time they were chanting his name at rallies. The TV show host previously was on JFK's campaign team, worked at a law firm, ran for Congress, and served two terms as the mayor of Cincinatti at the age of 33.12. Harrison Ford (Carpenter)Despite having little formal training as a carpenter, Ford was desperate for money in the 1960s and started making furniture for friends. Eventually he became known as a "Carpenter to the Stars" as he built decks and tables for Hollywood's elite. One of those elite was George Lucas who would soon cast Ford in one of his most famous roles: Han Solo in Star Wars.

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