Recently, his passion for the piano has led him to studies at the acclaimed Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. Paul is also a certified installer of the renowned Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver humidity control system.
While it is easy at the beginning to learn the piano, as the student progresses, it is essential for the teacher to motivate, encourage and provide new challenges. You can enjoy playing piano at any age and adults have often great results because of their motivation and dedication. For many years Natalia Lepeshkina was successfully working as a soloist and accompanist at the Moscow State Philharmony making hundreds of performances in halls of Moscow and numerous cities and towns across Russia. In 2001 Natlalia Lepeshkina has started a new lecture course with musical illustrations devoted to the history of Russian music.
If taught properly it provides student with a solid foundation both in theory and in general music understanding.

The exploration of tone quality, rhythm and expressions are all part of this very complex task, following the syllabus of the Royal Conservatory of Music.
Bring your favorite song, CD or songbook and we will tailor a program specifically to your goals. The course was presented to the members of International Women Club of Diplomatic Corpus in Moscow.
Educated at Queen’s University and Harvard, he has written widely on musical subjects for publications around the world, including the Washington Post and the London Review of Books. She has performed with different bands and she is a choir director of a children’s choir in Oakville.
Piano playing improves coordination and soon you may notice improvements in other learning skills, such as focus and increased attention span. Students are trained in proper breathing, technique and they are taught various styles of singing.

She worked with well-known musicians Leonid Kharitonov (bass), Uri Marchenko (bass), Galina Oleinichenko (soprano) and with young and talented soloists, winners of international contests Andrey Ryazantsev (cello), Alexander Buzlov (cello) and others. Her kind and attentive approach along with great musicality makes her an exceptional teacher and a colleague to work with. They made generous donations to charity, built churches, monasteries and hospitals, opened schools for the poor.

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