Even if you have never touched a musical instrument before, you can still teach yourself piano. Trying to teach yourself piano can be very challenging if you expect to learn whole songs in a single lesson.
Those are two things that can quickly diminish if you are not in the right frame of mind to teach yourself piano.
Many students find that no matter how they choose to learn, the process requires baby steps. Spend a few days or longer familiarizing yourself with piano instruction as well as the instrument specifically.

Beginners of all ages will learn the notes on the entire keyboard, how to form the most important scales and chords, all the basic rhythms, and how to play expressively with feeling. When you teach yourself piano you will inevitably encounter obstacles as you work through the early stages in the instruction process.
Notice that the question wasn’t “can I do this?” That’s because you can teach yourself piano if you are willing to put in the time and effort required, but you must really want to make it happen. International artists may approach musical composition in a way you have never heard before.  Not only will this help you learn what the piano is capable of, it will also provide inspiration should you decide to create your own songs and playing style as you teach yourself piano.
Exercises and finger aerobics reinforce technique as you follow along with music right on your screen.

The interactive song player lets you see how the music should be played, change tempos, adjust audio levels, and record your performance! If you start to feel overwhelmed, simply narrow your scope and reduce the number of measures you are working with.
However, if you really want to teach yourself piano you should have a good go to resource that will help you through the process.

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