This free printable piano music for beginners might be your students' first exposure -- but not their last! Download free printable classical sheet music In the Hall of the Mountain King for beginners Since there are more notes than fingers in this free printable piano music, your students will quickly realize that some of their fingers will need to do double-duty! Try singing the (admittedly silly) words in this little arrangement to encourage them to persevere with the difficult melody.
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The collections on this page are specifically designed for the beginning adult student, and perfect for the adult student returning to the keyboard after some years of absence! Not part of the above series, but for the adult student that can already read bass and treble clef fluently, the following collections (arrangements by Dan Coates) are outstanding!

These are exceptional collections with wonderful sounding arrangements, geared toward the adult. If you are an absolute beginner, this large book is excellent for getting you started at the keyboard, with detailed explanations and examples, worksheets, and lots of music.A unique feature is the presentation (Part 3 of the book) of 20 songs in very easy format (all note names written in), immediately followed by a harder version. Click Here to be magically transported to our site search page where you can search over 500 web pages of recommended music. This can be a big step for some kids if they have never done it before, so I suggest splitting the hands at first (you play the other part) during the lesson so they only need to think about ONE hand at a time. Being able to tell in song a complete story or poem is a good motivator.Sometimes I give piano students a "fill-in-the-blanks" companion worksheet to go with this free printable piano music. Let the music keep building just the slightest bit, but keep pulling back to piano -- no forte.At the bottom of page 2, write in some repeat dots and go back to the beginning of the piece.
Professionally arranged to make adult beginners sound great and inspire them to continue to learn.

In the Hall of the Mountain King makes a good worksheet, since it gives students the opportunity to draw sharps and flats.
Drop the left hand down an octave, and beginning at once to gradually pick up the pace, get louder and faster with each line. We always do this TOGETHER at the lesson, turning it into more of a game, a break from routine, instead of sending it home to do.In their notebook or 3-ring binder, I punch holes in the pages of the music and the worksheet so that they face each other, then we talk about what's missing, and fill in just a line or two, to try to make the short worksheet last another week.

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