Last month I outlined some good ways that students can experiment with sounds and create music online. The Virtual Keyboard is an online keyboard that students can use to virtually play piano, organ, saxophone, flute, pan pipes, guitar, bass, and steel drums. The Virtual Keyboard could be a good way for students to experiment with creating chords and sounds on instruments that their schools might not have. Our purpose is to provide useful information about the art of being a children's piano teacher for the benefit of teachers, parents and children. Although we can't train you musically as a piano teacher, we assume that you already have enough of a proper musical education to offer your services to kids as a piano teacher, or are a parent who wants to introduce their children to the piano in a friendly way.
In this course you will find the piano games, tips, and musical techniques you will need to interest kids in the piano, in the real world today.
You will find us referring to a series of books called Piano by Number as well as many others, such as the fine books in the Bastien Series.
This curriculum is the result of years of daily effort and study wherein the authors, all master piano teachers, observed children attempting to learn the piano. Repetition must be disguised in some manner that counteracts the mind-numbing effect of rote practicing.

Some issues require careful observation of the child to find a way to unlock their abilities further. In order to be an effective children's piano teacher, you'll need to be able to be rather theatrical.
Children's piano requires a balance between fun and work, and the ability to disguise work as fun whenever possible.
Earlier this week through Danny Nicholson's Whiteboard Blog I learned about another resource to add to that list. I'm pretty sure my elementary school didn't have an organ for us to play, but something like the Virtual Keyboard could have been useful for us.
The influences and experiences of contemporary children are quite different from the age of John Thompson and John Schaum, famous American piano teachers who created print methods that endured for decades. Lessons were used as a living laboratory to see what children actually could do comfortably at the piano. Other issues simply require a new attitude on the part of the teacher, usually one of extreme patience. Many an impatient and impulsive piano teacher has destroyed a child's desire to play piano with a single, ill-considered criticism.

There is so much to learn from the piano that a clever teacher can start anywhere and still have the child come away from the lesson with some skill upon which another can be built. We work on an Apple Mac and have a NORD stage digital piano available for students to use for their compositions. What we provide is psychological training in how to effectively deal with children's personalities and enhance their ability to absorb the art of the piano regardless of their abilities.
It is better to laugh at the mistake, take note of it for further study, but not let the child feel bad about it. GCSE music students are welcome to use the music editing software during the week in order to complete their coursework.

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