The Yamaha BC108 comes in 3 different colors to suit your piano - White, black and dark rosewood. If you are not our student yet and you are a total beginner in music, there is a FREE booklet for you!
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Singapore Expats - The Leading Expatriate & Singapore Property PortalSingapore Property, Singapore guide on expat relocation, Singapore housing, living. Play by ear is a term that describes the ability of a person to play any song with improvisation either by ear, from fake sheets, lead sheets, or chord charts.
Hwee Sheng prides himself as a versatile person who continuously learns and scale greater heights.
It has the correct fixed height for a pianist, and the heavy duty piano bench is padded with a beautiful cushioned smooth leather, made exclusively for Yamaha.
It features Beyerdyanmic comfortable 90A° swivelling ultra soft ear-cups with an adjustable headband, which is also great for convenient single-ear monitoring while playing on your digital piano or monitoring your mix.

We have published our exclusive edition of PLAY 3 SONGS IN 30 MINS (For Absolute Beginners)!
It opens up new dimensions in mobile listening with unmatched sound quality and superior construction materials.
Typical classical players may realize that they are unable to play by ear because improvisation is rarely taught in traditional, classical training, which is why most classical pianists find it difficult to play anything off their heads.
A perfect example is a typical traditional pianist who needs prearranged score sheets in order to play. The new Tesla technology developed by beyerdynamic brings a true audiophile experience to portable headphones. If you ask a typical Grade 8 classical pianist, for instance, to play and improvise a simple a€?Happy Birthdaya€? song, they likely are unable to, simply because they do not have the scores in front of them. Whether on your way to work, travelling by train or airplane, or just want to enjoy superior audio at home, the circumaural T50p shields external noise with its closed design to provide a private listening environment. The efficient Tesla transformers provide extraordinarily precise and detailed sound, and increased volume at the same input level over ordinary headphones.

They even perform well with portable media players, laptops, or other typically low-powered devices.
He or she, possessed of an imaginative mind, is able to create tunes and play them in any style he or she prefers spontaneously. If you are able to afford a little above a hundred bucks, the DTX 910 is seriously a good investment.
We believe that every player can and should learn how to play by ear, improvise, and become a musician.

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