As an experienced Singapore piano teacher, playing the piano for over 17 years, giving piano lessons Singapore for more than 3 years, I believe that the role of piano teachers is not only to have students learn the piano well, but also to inspire them to enjoy the beauty of piano music.
Since 2009, I have been conducting piano lessons in Singapore ranging from young kids to adults, teaching graded piano classes, to recreational piano lessons. Valerie took her first graded piano examination at the age of 9, while juggling with the academic stress in Singapore’s educational system. Valerie sang as a Soprano in her school choirs since her secondary school days and served as the President in St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School Choir and as the Assistant Student Conductor in Tampines Junior College Choir as well. To further her interest in music, Valerie also learns how to play the Keyboard (similar but yet different from piano), and performs with her friends in church.
Thus far, she has helped young children to pick up the art of piano playing, fulfill the dream of adults who always want to learn the piano, and even teach pop songs on piano for students who are performing in a month’s time. Other than just piano lessons, Valerie also organize annual concerts for her students to gain experience performing on stage. Valerie conducts most of his one-to-one piano lessons at her home, which is located at Pasir Ris (opposite Downtown East). The length of one piano lesson vary from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the level of the students. What differentiates Valerie from other piano teachers is her expertise in teaching classical and pop piano lessons. Piano students who wants to learn any pop song, simply have to let Valerie know and she will source for the piano music sheet and teach it to them. Although a piano at home would be good for learning, but it’s understandable that you might not want to get a new one right from the start, as it is not cheap (minimum S$9xxx).
Probably yes, as you’ve known more about her here, than any random piano teacher assigned to you by a piano lesson agency or music school.
Probably no, as you might want to know more about Valerie, and let her know what are your specific needs for your piano lessons so she can help you. If you'd like to find out more about my lessons, or would like to work with my teachers, drop me your enquiry here! While PBE, founded in 2003, is primarily a contemporary music school, we have always been pleased to associate our brand identity with all forms of art because it enhances and harmonizes with our musicality, our teaching methodology and our eccentric style of free expression. The music showroom at our Bugis branch features the latest digital pianos from popular brands such as Yamaha, Casio, and Roland, with prices that are not just competitive, but indefinitely the lowest (or same price) the Singapore marketplace has to offer.
We are proud to announce the opening of our second branch in Jurong East (just minutesa€™ walking distance from the Jurong East MRT station). Looking for violin lessons in Singapore, to learn how to play the violin easily, enjoyably, and enchantingly? Are you looking for violin lessons in Singapore, and to learn how to play the violin from an experienced teacher? No doubt there are many ways to start violin lessons in Singapore, but hey, since you’re here, check out your experienced violin teacher here! I conduct graded violin lessons to prepare students for examinations, and also leisure adult violin lessons, to fulfill the dreams of students playing their favorite pop song on the violin confidently. Outside of my lessons, I also play the violin in his church, my friends’ wedding, and various public venues, either as a solo or accompaniment. Different students have different learning needs, and that’s why we customize the lessons according to your needs.
The fact is, 90% of violin learners quit after the first year because they find it boring and hard to learn.

After years of teaching, I also realized students learn best when they are in a relaxed state. I don’t believe in rote-learning, forcing students to practice multiple hours a day to improve their skills, because that’s the fastest way to kill the joy of learning and make someone give up the violin. I practice smart teaching and learning, and adopt a disciplined way to guide students to enjoy practicing, and improve their playing too.
Being a trained public speaker has also allowed me to simplify difficult text-book concepts and music theories.
Ultimately, what differentiate my violin lessons as compared to many other lessons out there, is the focus on performance.
From my experience teaching in one of the major music centres in Singapore, I realized that there are far too many students who learn violin go for the paper chase, taking exams one year after another (encouraged by the music centre), but miss out on the performance aspect of violin learning.
Constant focus on exams and grades has stressed out many kids, and also killed their joy of learning the violin. I believe that violin students should be given the opportunity to perform, and learn to build up their stage presence and confidence. To help students build up their confidence performing in front of an audience, our school organizes concerts and open the stage up for his violin students to perform. This will give them the stage to gain stage experience, and perform in front of an audience.
In some instances, we also work with other music teachers to increase the exposure of music performance to our students. How about the audience? What more could be better than having the support of our loved ones to watch us play?
Marcus conducts private violin lessons at his home studio at Pasir Ris (just opposite Downtown East).
Marcus can refer to you violin teachers who can also give violin lessons in the North, South, West, and Central of Singapore. The length of the one violin lesson vary from 45 min to 60 min, depending on the level of the students.
What makes Marcus stands out from other violin teachers is his expertise in teaching both classical and pop violin pieces. Marcus works with a reputable music school and violin shop in Singapore which provides quality violins at competitive price. About Violin Music SchoolViolin Music School offers one-to-one private violin lessons for kids and adult students.
A European standard quality piano, Carl Steinberg is crafted under the guidance of experienced piano makers from England, Germany and Austria. Carl Steinberg is manufactured to German Scale in Shanghai, China by Fushan Music Instrument. Agraffe: To ensure precise and symmetry accuracy for the stringing only found in grand pianos. Piano Actions: Are meticulously executed and produced, combining art and technique carrying on the great tradition to ensure direct and precise responsive touch with absolute accuracy and symmetry. Finishes: Aesthetically pleasing, elegant in appearance with appealing grain of mahogany and ebony. Listing Information piano lobangAt I Campus, we adopt a WHOLE CHILD education approach that reinforces and expands upon each child's natural competencies. Our ServicesWe have a wide range of Piano Teachers with different levels of Qualifications.

You can find your Children a suitable Piano Teacher to bring the best out of them based on their needs. Our PromiseWe will make it easy for you to find the most suitable teacher to match your children piano lessons needs. If you are a piano teacher and passionate about teaching kids to play piano and can conduct fun and enjoyable kids piano lessons in Singapore, contact us.
You can sign up with music schools, piano lessons Singapore agencies, or private piano teachers. Still learning ballet then, she discovered the love for the piano after a few piano lessons. With her strong background in piano, she also plays the piano accompaniment for her choir in concerts and competitions. She found her passion in teaching piano, and would love to share and inspire her students in their musical journey. Valerie works with experienced piano teachers as well and interviews them extensively before inviting them to join her teaching faculty.
For example, she has given piano lessons to an adult student who want to learn a Korean pop song on piano – Can You Hear Me by Taeyeon.
But do note that Valerie will still conduct basic piano lessons (if needed) to equip students to play the pop songs. As both music teachers, we provide a stage for all our students to perform, as students get to experience performance from another instrument as well.
Students will be able to see how much they have progressed when they look back at their performances again few years later. However, at some students’ requests, he also conducts lessons at the students’ home in the east of Singapore, which includes areas – Changi, Tampines, Pasir Ris, Simei, Tanah Merah, and Bedok, but do note that transportation charges applies. Marcus works with experienced violin teachers as well and interviews them extensively before inviting them to join his teaching faculty.
He can play by ear, and transcribe pop songs into playable violin notes which makes the song easy to play on the violin. He can also get learning materials (music books, exam pieces, workbooks…etc) at discounted prices for you. With a focus on the high standards of production together with the technology and technical knowledge of European craftsmen, the Carl Steinberg pianos produced are of immaculate quality. Meticulously polished finish, to blend perfectly and elegantly together in modern and traditional style, with attractive casework and functional design, to add a taste of luxury.
By focusing on skills such as early literacy, logical thinking, problem solving, social understanding, physical coordination, creativity and positive character traits, I Campus is passionate about providing your child with the solid foundation to flourish academically, emotionally, creatively and responsibly in their kindergarten classrooms and beyond.
Valerie also has her Grade 8 in Music Theory with Merit in her bag of music qualifications.
The concert is not organized to compete among students, but to let everyone gain stage experience, and of course, a stage to perform for their loved ones.  More about Say It With Music 2014 can be found here. Valerie can refer to you piano teachers who can do piano lessons in the North, South, West, and Central of Singapore. When students are able to perform confidently, they have no issues handling music examinations.

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